Computer Laboratory

Submission of Part II dissertations

You will be required to submit the following:

  • Two paper copies of the dissertation
  • A PDF version of the dissertation
  • Source code
  • Supervisor's Report Form

Further details are given below.

Paper copies of the dissertation

Two paper copies of the dissertation must be submitted to the Student Administrator by the 12 noon deadline. The penalty for late submission is extremely severe.

Electronic submission of dissertation and source code

In addition, students are required to submit electronically both a PDF version of their dissertation (which must be the same as the paper version), and their source code.

For this, you should use the

The Student Administrator will let you know when the upload site is live, shortly before the deadline. It requires a login using your Raven password, is very easy to use and should be self-explanatory, but you are strongly advised to try some test uploads in advance of the deadline; you can delete and replace any file that you upload any time before the deadline.

As mentioned in the Briefing Document, the required format for the dissertation is PDF. If you are using the MCS you may find useful the Computing Service hints on using the MCS for producing PDF files.

You should upload your source code by means of the above site, in the form of a zip or tar.gz file.

The deadline for uploading the dissertation document and source code package is 17:00 on the day of the deadline for submission of the paper copies.

Note: Examiners can access the uploaded files at /anfs/www-uploads/diss-part2/ = \\filer\www-uploads\diss-part2.

Supervisor's Report Form

Finally, a completed Supervisor's Report Form is needed from each student. Section A should be completed by the student, and Sections B and C by the Supervisor and Director of Studies. Please try to get this completed and submitted to Student Administration at the same time as the printed copies of the dissertation. If this is not possible, then the absolute deadline for submission of the form is 16:00 on the Wednesday following the main deadline.

Frequently asked questions

Why am I being asked to submit an electronic copy of my dissertation?
This is mainly to help the Examiners. Some prefer to read the paper version, while others may need to read the dissertation from outside Cambridge.
Why am I being asked to submit my source code?
The Examiners may need to refer to it for clarification of statements made in the dissertation, or they may wish to study it in advance of a viva voce examination.
Who will have access to my dissertation and source code?
While your work is being marked, access is restricted to those with a need-to-know: the Examiners and directly involved support staff. Afterwards, you can delete the files that you have uploaded via the upload page. Any files that you do not delete may be archived by the department eventually and looked up by members of the department.
How long will you keep the electronic copy of my dissertation?
You will be able to delete your files shortly after the work of the examiners has finished, see the upload page for the deadlines. Any files that you do not delete may be archived by the department; in particular project supervisors might be interested in refering to them in future. You are also welcome to replace any of your uploaded files with a corrected archival version.
What if I uploaded my dissertation in time electronically but missed the deadline for the paper version?
This will not make any difference. Penalties apply to the hardcopy submission, so if you are running short of time you should concentrate on getting the paper copies completed and submitted by the 12 noon deadline. You will then have another 5 hours to deal with the electronic uploading.
Does the submitted source code have to include all the extra stuff used to build the programs (e.g., makefiles, support files) or just the source code itself?
Examiners need to have access to source code you have created or substantially modified and this would tend to include makefiles created by hand, but not automatically generated files, or files available elsewhere. The same consideration applies to other supporting files that embody important functions, but not to files containing just data. Given that files are created in all sorts of ways, such as binary files created using a GUI, it is hard to be more precise. Certainly, it is not expected that you provide everything needed to replicate fully a working instance of the work.
What if the code is covered by NDA?
Uploading the source code is the default, but we recognise that a very few students may have difficulties with this because of an NDA. In this case, please provide your source code on a CD, which will be returned to you or destroyed after the examination.
What if the PDF of my dissertation is too big for uploading?
Excessive PDF file size is often the result of inappropriate handling of included images. Please check whether their resolution, compression levels and file formats are all reasonable for A4 laser printing.