Computer Laboratory

About the Computer Laboratory

The William Gates Building, completed Summer 2001 The Computer Laboratory is an academic department within the University of Cambridge that encompasses Computer Science, along with many aspects of Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. Professor Andy Hopper is the Head of Department.

The Laboratory undertakes research in a broad range of subjects within the disciplines of Computer Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics. Current research areas include bioinformatics, computer architecture, computer vision, distributed systems, graphics and human-computer interaction, logic and semantics, machine learning, natural language processing, networking and wireless communication, operating systems and virtualization, programming, security, and sustainable computing.

The Cambridge Diploma in Computer Science, which ran from 1953 to 2008, was the world's first taught course in computing. Undergraduate teaching was introduced in 1970. The MPhil in Advanced Computer Science, is a one-year postgraduate course designed to prepare students for doctoral research.

At present there are about 300 undergraduate and 50 MPhil students. A further 120 postgraduates are engaged in research for the PhD.

Building on its long and distinguished history, the Computer Laboratory continues with world class teaching and research.

The Computer Laboratory is housed in the William Gates Building on the West Cambridge Site. Contact details can be found on the contacts page, and instructions for how to get to the Computer Laboratory can be found on the maps and directions page.