Computer Laboratory

Protocol for Second Advisers for PhD students

Laboratory research students have a single official supervisor, named to the Board of Graduate Studies, who is primarily responsible for all aspects of the student's research.

The Second Adviser's role is internal to the Laboratory, and is not intended to be highly formalised or onerous. The function of the Second Adviser is to take an interest in and provide additional support for a student through, for example, literature suggestions, informal technical discussion, pointers to resources etc, as appropriate, with a formal commitment to an interview once a term. A student may have more than one Second Adviser.

The Second Adviser would normally be the person appointed by the supervisor to assess and discuss the student's first year report etc. The Second Adviser is also usually the person appointed to assess and discuss the student's second-year report and thesis schedule. Because of the conflict of interests, the Second Adviser may not be appointed PhD Examiner.

The Second Adviser is not required to submit any formal reports. However if they see serious cause for concern in the student's situation, they should contact the Secretary of the Degree Committee.

It is for the supervisor to invite a person to act as Second Adviser, and it may be useful to change advisor if the student's work alters direction. The supervisor should give the Second Adviser's name to the Secretary of the Degree Committee.

A list of current research students, their supervisors and Second Advisers may be found below.

Secretary of the Degree Committee

July 2014

List of students, supervisors and second advisors

studentprimary supervisorsecond adviser secondary supervisorstartexpected finishsubject
Andra Adamspr10Prof. N. A. Dodgson2010-10-012015-12-31An android head for social-emotional intervention for children with autism spectrum conditions
Sam Ainsworthtmj32Dr R. D. Mullins2014-10-012018-09-30Hardware Acceleration for Power-Efficient Heterogeneous Many-Core Architectures
Saad Aloteibisc609Prof. A. A. Copestake2009-10-012015-03-31
Gareth Baileyrkh23Dr A. R. Beresford2011-10-012015-09-30Long-term sensing for sport and health monitoring
Simon Bakeralk23Dr S. H. Teufel2013-10-012017-09-30Adaptive semantic text classification for Biomedicine
Ntombikayise Bandapr10Prof. N. A. Dodgson2010-10-012015-09-30Multi-modal fusion for affective inference
Khaled Baqerrja14Dr A. R. Beresford2014-10-012018-09-30Resilient Mobile Payment Systems
Sandro Bauersc609Prof. C. Mascolosht252012-04-172016-04-16Topic models for social networks
Alexander Bradburyrdm34Dr S. W. Moore2009-10-012014-09-30Spatial Compilation for Programmable Fabrics
Thomas Brouwerpl219Dr S. B. Holden2014-10-012018-09-30Machine learning and cortical brain
Jannis Bulianad260tgg222012-10-012016-09-30Definability and Parameterized Complexity
Thomas Bythewayah12Dr R. S. Sohan2014-10-012018-09-30Provenance systems
Kris Caosc609Prof. A. A. Copestake2014-10-012018-09-30Categorical models for a distributional CCG semantics
Lucian Carataah12Dr A. C. RiceDr R. S. Sohan2011-10-012015-09-30Assured computing
Alex Chadwickrdm34Dr R. N. Watson2015-10-012018-09-30Design of operating systems for many-core systems
Oliver Chickacr31am21Dr R. S. Sohan2012-10-012016-09-30Energy efficient application development for mobile platforms
Maxwell Conwaypl219Dr D. J. Greaves2014-10-012018-09-30Computational Modeling of Comorbidities
Diana Crisanarb33Dr A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2015-04-102019-04-09Improving the delivery of security updates in distributed systems
Valentin Dalibardey204rg31jac222012-10-012016-09-30Modelling the structure of communities for distrbuted systems
Xin Dingijw24Dr A. C. Rice2012-04-172016-04-16 Block-based adaptive compression sensing for video images
Stephen Dolanam21tgg222012-10-012016-09-30Advanced type systems
Guy Emersonaac10Dr S. Clark2014-10-012018-09-30Morphosyntactic Parsing of Mandarin Chinese
Luana Teodora Fagarasansc609Prof. A. A. Copestake2013-10-012017-09-30Mapping between semantic spaces
Yimai Fangsht25Prof. A. A. Copestake2013-10-012017-09-30Generalized coreference for automatic summarization
Mariano Feliceejb1Prof. A. A. Copestake2013-01-042017-01-03Automated Text Quality Assessment
Ziqiang Fengijw24Dr Robert Harle2013-10-012017-09-30Cross-layer wireless cooperative communication for delay and loss sensitive applications
Marco Ferreira Devesas Camposmpf23lp152011-10-012015-09-30Generalised recursivity in classical logic
Mark Florissonam21Dr A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2014-10-012018-09-30Storage allocation in modern programming languages
Shaked Flurpes202013-10-012017-09-30ARM concurrency
Michael Galeam21Dr A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2013-10-012017-09-30Reasoning about monad hierarchies
Chao Gaorkh23Dr A. R. Beresford2013-10-012017-09-30Signal maps for Smartphone location
Petko Georgievcm542pl2192013-10-012017-09-30Improving the energy efficiency of sensor-based applications on co-processor enabled mobile devices
Syed Zafar Ul Hussan Gilanijac22Dr A. W. Moore2014-10-012018-09-30Interactive analytics for large data-set analysis
Ionel Gogsmh22Prof. J. A. Crowcroft2012-10-012016-09-30Generalized distributed dataflow processing
Matthew Grosvenorawm22rnw242012-01-052016-01-04
Isak Hermanafb21Dr S. B. Holden2013-10-012017-09-30Crowd-sourced bioacoustic informatics
Felix Hillalk23Dr S. Clark2012-10-012016-09-30Abstract concrete distinction in language
Alex Horsmanswm11Dr R. N. Watson2014-10-012018-09-30Abstractions for Hardware Design
Matic Horvataac10Prof. E. J. Briscoewjb2013-10-012017-09-30Robust Natural Language Generation in Hybrid Machine Translation Systems
Heidi Howardjac22Dr A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2014-10-012018-09-30Policy languages for information flow control and the Law
Desislava Hristovacm542Prof. J. A. Crowcroft2013-04-172017-04-15Profiling users and places through use of multi-layer data
Zongyan Huanglp15Prof. M. J. C. Gordon2011-10-012015-09-30Experiments on improving formal verification of hybrid systems using automated theorem prover MetiTarski
Alexandre Joannouswm11Dr R. N. Watson2013-10-012017-09-30A capability aware memory sub-system
Alexander Katovskygw104Prof. M. J. C. Gordon2010-10-012014-09-30Concurrent games
Sheharbano Khattakjac22Prof.R. J. AndersonDr S. J. Murdoch2013-10-012017-09-30Tweakable Pluggable Transports for Flexible Circumvention
Douwe Kielasc609Dr S. H. Teufel2012-10-012016-09-30Compositional distributional semantics for multi-modal natural language analysis
Tamas Kispetergw104VACANT2014-10-012018-09-30A language for distributed strategies
Ronny Kocm542Prof. J. M. BaconProf. J. M. Bacon2014-10-012018-09-30A platform to support the Internet of Things
Ekaterina Kochmarejb1Dr S. Clark2011-10-012015-09-30Native language identification by error analysis
Stephan Kollmannarb33Dr A. C. Rice2014-10-012018-09-30Privacy and security on mobile devices
Ramana Kumarmjcgpes20mom222011-10-012015-09-30Relating formal theories
Wenda Lilp15Prof. M. J. C. Gordon2013-10-012017-09-30Real algebraic geometry in Isabelle
Yang Liuijw24Dr R. K. Harle2014-10-012018-09-30Face Recognition based on Compressive Sensing
Jean Maillardsc609Prof. A. A. Copestake2014-10-012018-09-30Machine Learning methods for Tensor-based Compositional Distributional Semantics
Neelakandan Manihatty Bojanawm22Dr T. M. Jones2014-10-012018-09-30Datacenter architectures based on novel photonic systems
Ilias Marinosrnw24rja142012-10-012016-09-30A Compiler-Assisted Instrumentation Framework for Security Attestation
Justus Matthiesenpes20amp122012-10-012016-09-30Nominal set and dependent types
Kayvan Memarianpes20tgg222011-10-012015-09-30C
Toby Millersbh11pl2192015-10-012019-09-30Time-aware planning algorithms
Negar Miralaeitmj32Dr S. W. Mooream212013-04-172017-04-16Compiler and architectural schemes to combat processor aging for Delaying and Overcoming Microprocessor Errors
Alessandro Montanaricm542VACANT2014-10-012018-09-30Behaviour intervention through mobile systems
Alan Mujumdarswm11rdm342012-01-052016-01-04Communications in massively parallel cloud computer systems
Niall Murphyrdm34am212011-10-012015-09-30A Scalable approach to speculation and prediction in manycore architectures
Kyndylan Nienhuispes20Prof. M. J. C. Gordon2013-10-012017-09-30Revealing the De Facto C Standard
Balakrishnan Nikilesh Dharmarajah12Dr A. C. RiceDr R. S. Sohan2014-10-012018-09-30Provenance in Distributed Systems
Karthik Nilakantey204Prof. J. A. Crowcroft2011-10-012015-09-30WEDGE: A wide-area efficiently distributed graph engine
Robert Nortonswm11rdm342011-10-012015-09-30Low latency inter-core communication
Christian O'Connellmgk25Dr I. J. Wassell2014-10-012018-09-30Model-based assessment of compromising emanations
Annalisa Occhipintipl219rg312013-10-012017-09-30Survival analysis in computational cancer models
Thomas Pasquierjmb25smh222012-10-012016-09-30Towards information flow control in the Cloud
Jean Pichon-Pharabodpes20Prof. A. Mycroft2013-10-012017-09-30Memory models: reasoning and optimisation
Flora Ponjou Tassenad10Prof. P. Robinson2012-10-012016-09-303D Shape Retrieval
Diana Andreea Popescuawm22Prof. J. A. Crowcroft2014-04-172018-04-16Software Defined Measurements in Data-centers
Naruemon (Ploy) Pratanwanichpl219Dr S. B. Holden2012-10-012016-09-30Bayesian approaches for learning biological pathway-based latent variables
Raphael Proustam21ss3682012-10-012016-09-30Practical Linear Typing
Christopher Pultepes20Prof. M. J. C. Gordon2014-10-012018-09-30Verified emulation
Andre Ribeiroey204rg31jac222012-10-012016-09-30A game-theoretical theory of media
Alessandro Rinaldipl219Dr S. B. Holden2014-04-172018-04-16MACHINE LEARNING APPLIED TO MULTI OMICS INTEGRATION
Colin Rothwellswm11Dr R. N. Watson2013-10-012017-09-30 A flexible, efficient accelerator fabric
Gheorghe Sarburdm34tmj322012-10-012016-09-30Scheduling for Heterogeneous Multicore Processors
Advait Sarkarafb21am21mj2012013-10-012017-09-30A usable system for program synthesis
Adrian Scoicaejb1Prof. A. A. Copestake2013-10-012017-09-30Content-based Automatic Citation Recommendation
Kumar Sharadrja14Dr A. R. BeresfordDr S. J. Murdoch2012-06-222016-04-16The trade-off between centralization and privacy in anonymous payment systems
Yoli Shavitpl219mj2012-10-012016-09-30Computational modelling of the nuclear architecture
David Sheetsavsm2am21jac222013-10-012017-09-30Resolution as a resource
Jingjing Shennad10Prof. P. RobinsonJiri Kosinka2012-10-012016-09-30Converting trimmed NURBS to subdivision
Laurent Simonrja14fms272012-04-172016-04-16Models of trust in mobile systems
James Sneeacr31Dr A. R. BeresfordDr R. S. Sohan2011-10-012015-12-31Investigating execution behaviour using cross-layer instrumentation
Jyothish Somantmj32swm112014-01-062018-01-05A Software-Hardware Co-Design for Tolerating Hard Faults in Multicore Processors
William Sonnexlp15Prof. M. J. C. Gordon2011-10-012015-09-30Verifying properties of functional prgrams
Vsevolod Stakhovjac22avsm22013-01-042017-01-04IPC for future data centres
Yiannos Stathopoulossht25?2013-10-012017-09-30Retrieval of mathematical concepts via deep indexing
Alistair Steadafb21Dr A. C. Rice2011-10-012015-09-30End user programming for mobiles
Daniel Thomasarb33Dr A. C. Rice2012-10-012016-09-30Secure applications for the internet of things
Ivo Timoteosbh11pl2192012-10-012016-09-30Identification of dynamic systems from time-series data
Theodosia Togiaaac10Dr S. Clark2011-10-012015-09-30Uncovering Implicit Relations in Folksonomy
Gregory Tsipenyukjac22ey2042013-10-012017-09-30From client-server to peer-to-peer
David Turnerijw24Dr Robert Harle2013-10-012017-09-30Real Time Compressive Sensing and Classification
Raoul-Gabriel Urmaam21tgg222011-10-012015-09-30Programming language evolution
Pengming Wangad260amp122013-10-012017-09-30Complexity of constraint satisfaction
Yu Wangijw24rkh232012-01-052016-01-04Compressive sensing enhanced spectrum sensing with cyclic feature detection
Gregory Wilsenachad260Dr A. R. Beresford2014-10-012018-09-30Mathematical Logic
Erroll Woodpr10Prof. N. A. Dodgson2013-10-012017-09-30Presence and interaction for tele-immersive systems
Menglin Xiaejb1Prof. A. A. Copestake2014-10-012018-09-30Text Readability and Simplification for Non-Native Readers
Hui Xiaopl219Anne Ferguson-SmithProf. Anne Ferguson-Smith MoleBio2014-04-172018-04-16Computational modelling of epigenetic changes and developmentally relevant metabolic signalling pathways in early development
Wenduan Xusc609Prof. E. J. Briscoe2012-01-052016-01-04Chinese Syntactic Processing using Machine Learning
Guo Yuafb21Dr Ian Cross, CMS2014-10-012018-09-30Empathy and entrainment in user interfaces
Zheng Yuanejb1Dr S. Clark2013-10-012017-09-30English learner error detection and correction via statistical machine translation
Bjoern Zeebawm22rnw242012-10-012016-09-30Rethink 4.1aBSD and subsequent network stack design choices.
Jingyun Zhangawm222014-10-01
Meng Zhangejb1Prof. A. A. Copestake2014-10-012018-09-30Automated tutoring of English as a further language
Ruoyu Zhoutmj32Professor A. Mycroftrdm342013-10-012017-09-30Parallelizing application binaries