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Protocol for Graduate Advisers for PhD students

Laboratory research students have a single official supervisor, named to the Board of Graduate Studies, who is primarily responsible for all aspects of the student's research.

The Graduate Adviser's role is internal to the Laboratory, and is not intended to be highly formalised or onerous. The role was previously known as the Second Adviser.

The function of the Graduate Adviser is to take an interest in and provide additional support for a student through, for example, literature suggestions, informal technical discussion, pointers to resources etc, as appropriate, with a formal commitment to an interview once a term. A student may have more than one Graduate Adviser.

The Graduate Adviser would normally be the person appointed by the supervisor to assess and discuss the student's first year report etc. The Graduate Adviser is also usually the person appointed to assess and discuss the student's second-year report and thesis schedule. Because of the conflict of interests, the Graduate Adviser may not be appointed PhD Examiner.

The Graduate Adviser is not required to submit any formal reports. However if they see serious cause for concern in the student's situation, they should contact the Secretary of the Degree Committee.

It is for the supervisor to invite a person to act as Graduate Adviser, and it may be useful to change adviser if the student's work alters direction. The supervisor should give the Graduate Adviser's name to the Secretary of the Degree Committee.

A list of current research students, their supervisors and Graduate Advisers may be found below.

Secretary of the Degree Committee

Updated February 2017

List of research students, supervisors and graduate advisers

second adviser startedexpected finishsubject
Nitin AgrawalDr H. GunesProf. Peter Robinson2017-10-01Data-driven behaviour adaptation for socio-emotional human-robot interaction
Mansoor AhmedProf. R. J. AndersonDr Robert Watson2017-10-01Combining blockchains with trusted execution
Sam AinsworthDr T. M. JonesDr R. D. Mullins2014-10-012018-09-30Exploiting memory-level parallelism with programmable data prefetchers
Anwaar AliProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Hesham AlmataryDr R. N. Watson2017-10-01
Helena Andres TerreDr P. Lio'Dr T. M. Sauerwald2015-10-012019-09-30Cell decision making, integration of structural, genetic and epigenetic data
Tiago AzevedoDr P. Lio'Prof. M. Spillantini2016-10-012020-09-30Machine Learning for personalised systems medicine
Simon BakerDr A. L. KorhonenDr S. H. Teufel2013-10-012017-09-30Adaptive semantic text classification for Biomedicine
Khaled BaqerProf. R. J. AndersonDr A. R. Beresford2014-10-012018-09-30Resilient Mobile Payment Systems
Alexander BradburyDr R. D. MullinsDr S. W. Moore2009-10-012014-09-30Spatial Compilation for Programmable Fabrics
Thomas BrouwerDr P. Lio'Dr S. B. Holden2014-10-012018-09-30Biological data integration through matrix factorisation
Daniel BruderDr S. H. TeufelProf. E. J. Briscoe2016-10-012020-09-30Bi-directional context search and indexing in historical text archives with complex annotation layers
Christopher BryantProf. E. J. BriscoeProfessor A. A. Copestake2015-10-012019-09-30Grammatical Error Detection and Correction Suggestion for Non-Native Writers of English
Luana Teodora BulatDr S. ClarkProf. A. A. Copestake2013-10-012017-09-30Mapping between semantic spaces
Thomas BythewayProf. A. Hopper,
Dr R. S. Sohan
Dr Robert Harle2014-10-012018-09-30Provenance systems
Marco Caballero GutierrezProf. J. A. CrowcroftTBA2016-10-012020-09-30Privacy preserving routing for mobile mesh networks
Leran CaiDr T. M. SauerwaldProf. A. Dawar2016-10-012020-09-30Randomised load balancing on evolving graphs
Catalina CangeaDr P. Lio'Dr M. Jamnik2017-10-01Machine learning methodologies in medical decision support systems
Kris CaoDr S. ClarkProf. E. J. Briscoe2014-10-012018-09-30: Automatic induction of narrative schemas
Mario CekicDr T. G. GriffinProf. M. P. Fiore2016-10-012020-09-30Develop high-level specifications for optimisation problems
Alex ChadwickDr R. D. MullinsDr R. N. Watson2015-10-012019-09-30Design of operating systems for many-core systems
Mistral ContrastinDr A. C. RiceProf. A. Mycroft2016-10-012020-09-30Static verification of scientific programs
Maxwell ConwayDr P. Lio'Dr T. Sauerwald2014-10-012018-09-30Computational Modeling of Comorbidities
Paula CzarnowskaProf. A. A. CopestakeDr P. J. Buttery2017-10-01Distributional Semantic Models Suited To Morphologically Rich Languages
Krittika D'SilvaProf. C. MascoloProf. Jon Crowcroft2016-10-012020-09-30Simplifying Mobile Offline Development in Developing Regions
Matthew DaggittDr T. G. GriffinProfessor M. P. Fiore2015-10-012019-09-30Convergence results for Matrix Iteration
Christopher DavisDr P. J. ButteryProf. A. A. Copestake2017-10-01Using multimodal models to facilitate adaptive language learning
Benjamin DayDr P. Lio'Dr T. M. Sauerwald2017-10-01Developing AI inspired by statistical physics
Botty DimanovDr M. JamnikDr P. Lio2016-10-012020-09-30Personality-based Recommender System
Giovanna maria DimitriDr P. Lio'Professor C. Mascolo2015-10-012019-09-30Development of network methodologies for brain data modelling
Zheng DongProf. C. MascoloDr P. Lio2017-10-01Data Analysis for Government Policy Validation
György DénesProf. P. RobinsonDr Rafal Mantiuk2016-10-012020-09-30Terrain modelling
Christopher ElsbyProf. A. MycroftDr A. C. Rice2015-10-012019-09-30Idiomatic inter-language compilation
Guy EmersonProf. A. A. CopestakeDr S. Clark2014-10-012018-09-30Functional distributional semantics
Lawrence EsswoodDr R. N. WatsonProf. R. J. Anderson2015-10-012019-09-30Automated Software Exploitation and Mitigation
Yimai FangDr S. H. TeufelProf. A. A. Copestake2013-10-012017-09-30Generalized coreference for automatic summarization
Youmna FaragProf. E. J. BriscoeTBA2016-10-012020-09-30Detecting and correcting infelicitous phrases in non-native English writing
Ayat FekryProf. A. HopperDr I. J. Wassell2016-10-012020-09-30Provenance in Big Data Analytics
Ziqiang FengDr I. J. WassellDr Robert Harle2013-10-012017-09-30Cross-layer wireless cooperative communication for delay and loss sensitive applications
Shaked FlurProf. P. M. SewellProf. S. W. Moore2013-10-012017-09-30ARM concurrency
Michael GaleProf. A. Mycroft,
27/09/2016 replaced Dr Anil Madhavapeddy
Prof Andrew Pitts2013-10-012018-03-30Reasoning about monad hierarchies
Salvator GaleaDr A. W. MooreDr Gianni Antichi2017-10-01Software Defined Measurements for Networks
Syed Zafar Ul Hussan GilaniProf. J. A. CrowcroftDr A. W. Moore2014-10-012018-09-30Interactive analytics for large data-set analysis
Ionel GogProf. I. M. LeslieProf. J. A. Crowcroft2012-10-012016-09-30Generalized distributed dataflow processing
Andreas GrammenosProf. C. MascoloDr R. N. Watson2016-10-012020-09-30Scaling algorithms and frameworks for stream processing of big data
Ran GuanDr R. K. HarleDr I. J. Wassell2015-10-012019-09-30Robust Indoor positioning
Veronica GuidettiDr I. J. WassellDr R. K. Harle2016-01-042020-03-30Sparsity aided cognitive learning in signal classification and reconstruction
Mohammad HadhrawiProf. A. F. BlackwellDr H. Gunes2016-10-012020-09-30Abstract blocks for soft and hard infrastructure
Kevin HeffernanDr S. H. TeufelProfessor E. J. Briscoe2015-10-012019-09-30Argumentation Patterns in Scientific Discourse
Isak HermanProf. A. F. BlackwellDr S. B. Holden2013-10-012017-09-30Crowd-sourced bioacoustic informatics
Heidi HowardProf. J. A. CrowcroftDr A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2014-10-012018-09-30High availabilty consensus
Mohibi HussainProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Professor C. Mascolo2015-10-012019-09-30Design analysis of future Internet technologies for overcoming the global digital divide
Joseph IsaacsDr T. M. JonesProf. A. Mycroft2017-10-01Extracting ultra-fine-grained program parallelism
Alexandre JoannouProf. S. W. MooreDr R. N. Watson2013-10-012017-09-30A capability aware memory sub-system
David Kaloper MersinjakDr A. V. MadhavapeddyProf. P. M. Sewell2016-01-042020-01-03A re-engineered approach to security protocol specification and implementation
Tamas KispeterProf. G. WinskelProf. A. Mycroft2014-10-012018-09-30A bridge between operational and denotational semantics of concurrency
Stephan KollmannDr A. R. BeresfordDr A. C. Rice2014-10-012018-09-30Privacy and security on mobile devices
Robert KovacsicsProf. S. W. MooreDr R. D. Mullins2016-10-012020-09-30Secure processors for the Internet of Things
Alexander KuhnleProf. A. A. CopestakeDr S. Clark2015-10-012019-09-30Evaluating multi-modal deep learning with micro worlds
Wenda LiProf. L. C. PaulsonProf. M. J. C. Gordon2013-10-012017-09-30Real algebraic geometry in Isabelle
Yang LiuDr I. J. WassellDr R. K. Harle2014-10-012018-09-30Face Recognition based on Compressive Sensing
Amandla MabonaDr S. ClarkProfessor E. J. Briscoe2015-10-012019-09-30Logic-based word and phrase embeddings
Jean MaillardDr S. ClarkDr S. H. Teufel2014-10-012018-09-30Machine Learning Methods for Natural Language Semantics
Partha MajiDr R. D. MullinsProfessor S. W. Moore2016-01-042020-01-03Model-architecture co-design of deep neural network for embedded systems
Chaitanya ManglaDr M. JamnikProf. L. Paulson2016-10-012020-09-30Machine Learning for Automated Theorem Proving
Neelakandan Manihatty-BojanDr A. W. MooreDr T. M. Jones2014-10-012018-09-30Exploring fast hybrid switching architectures for data centre networks
Dionysios ManousakasProf. C. MascoloDr M. Jamnik2016-10-012020-09-30Exploring Machine Learning to Improve Mobile and Wearable Sensing
Mariana-Cristina MarasoiuProf. A. F. BlackwellProfessor N. A. Dodgson2015-10-012019-09-30End-User Programming of Visualizations
Ilias MarinosDr R. N. Watson,
Kyle Nesbit (Google mentor)
Prof. R. J. Anderson2012-10-012016-09-30A Compiler-Assisted Instrumentation Framework for Security Attestation
Kuba MaruszczykDr R. K. MantiukProf. A. F. Blackwell2017-10-01Perceptually realistic rendering for novel display technologies
Justus MatthiesenProf. P. M. SewellProf. A. M. Pitts2012-10-012016-09-30Nominal set and dependent types
Alfredo MazzinghiDr R. N. WatsonProf. S. W. Moore2016-10-012020-09-30Hardware-assisted Compartmentalization and Sandboxing in Operating-System Kernels
Dylan McDermottProf. A. MycroftProf. A. M. Pitts2016-10-012020-09-30Coeffects
Kayvan MemarianProf. P. M. SewellDr T. G. Griffin2011-10-012015-09-30C
Aliaksei MikhailiukDr R. K. MantiukDr H. Gunes2017-10-01Modeling human visual perception using machine learning methods
Aida MiralaeiDr T. M. JonesDr R. D. Mullins2017-10-01Near-data compute for machine-learning applications
Alessandro MontanariProf. C. MascoloVacant2014-10-012018-09-30Behaviour intervention through mobile systems
Russell MooreDr P. J. ButteryDr A. C. Rice2016-01-042020-01-04Inferring knowledge-domain structure from student data
Ewa MuszynskaProf. A. A. CopestakeProfessor E. J. Briscoe2015-10-012019-09-30Sentence chunking
Kyndylan NienhuisProf. P. M. SewellProf. M. J. C. Gordon2013-10-012017-09-30Verifying the correctness of compartmentalisation in CHERI
Balakrishnan Nikilesh DharmarajProf. A. Hopper,
Dr R. S. Sohan
Dr A. C. Rice2014-10-012018-09-30Solving the N-by-M problem in provenance systems
Karthik NilakantDr E. YonekiProf. J. A. Crowcroft2011-10-012016-01-30WEDGE: A wide-area efficiently distributed graph engine
Christian O'ConnellDr M. G. KuhnDr I. J. Wassell2014-10-012018-09-30Model-based assessment of compromising emanations
Helen OliverProf. J. A. CrowcroftDr R. M. Mortier2016-10-012020-09-30Obstacles to wearable computing
Richard OrtonProf. A. M. PittsProfessor M. P. Fiore2015-10-012019-09-30Homotopy type theory
Hugo PaquetProf. G. WinskelProfessor M. P. Fiore2015-10-012019-09-30abilistic programming with strategies
Jean Pichon-PharabodProf. P. M. SewellProf. A. Mycroft2013-10-012017-09-30Memory models: reasoning and optimisation
Diana Andreea PopescuDr A. W. MooreProf. J. A. Crowcroft2014-04-172018-04-16Software Defined Measurements in Data-centers
Jovan PowarDr A. R. BeresfordDr R. K. Harle2017-10-01Privacy techniques for mobile computing
Christopher PulteProf. P. M. SewellProf. M. J. C. Gordon2014-10-012018-09-30Verified emulation
Allison RandalDr A. V. MadhavapeddyDr R. M. Mortier2018-01-04Characterising Computational Density in Datacentres
Olesya RazuvayevskayaDr S. H. TeufelProfessor A. A. Copestake2015-10-012019-09-30Computational methods for enthymeme reconstruction
Alexander RichardsonDr R. N. WatsonProfessor S. W. Moore2015-10-012019-09-30The implications of capability-system design for persistent memory technologies
Emma RocheteauDr P. Lio'Dr M. Jamnik2017-10-01Predicting outcomes in psychiatric disorders using automated reinforcement-learning analysis of electronic health records
Colin RothwellProf. S. W. MooreDr R. N. Watson2013-10-012017-09-30 A flexible, efficient accelerator fabric
Hayk SaribekyanDr T. M. SauerwaldDr M. Jamnik2017-10-01Random Walks in Distributed Computing
Kaho SatoProf. E. J. BriscoeDr P. J. Buttery2017-10-01The utility of first language in the detection of errors in non-native English writing
Philip SavilleProf. M. P. FioreProfessor A. W. Pitts2015-10-012019-09-30Connections between higher-dimensional category theory and the metatheory of type theory
Michael SchaarschmidtDr E. YonekiProfessor J. A. Crowcroft2015-10-012019-09-30Deep reinforcement learning in cloud data management
Adrian ScoicaDr S. H. TeufelProf. A. A. Copestake2013-10-012017-09-30Content-based Automatic Citation Recommendation
Omer SellaDr A. W. Moore2017-10-01
Ilia ShumailovProf. R. J. AndersonDr Robert Watson2017-10-01Authentication under pervasive surveillance
Simeon SpasovDr P. Lio',
Prof. M. Spillantini (ClinMed)
2016-10-012019-09-30Modelling metabolic and communication dysfunctions in Parkinson's Diseases
Dimitrios SpathisProf. C. MascoloDr Jason Rentfrow2017-10-01mobile on-device multi modal sensing for well being applications
Pablo Spivakovsky-GonzalezDr P. Lio'Dr Melissa Clark (BAS)2015-10-012019-09-30Cold Fish
Roy SplietDr R. D. MullinsProfessor S. W. Moore2015-10-012019-09-30Parallel accelerators for hard real-time systems
Yiannos StathopoulosDr S. H. TeufelDr S. Clark2013-10-012017-09-30Retrieval of mathematical concepts via deep indexing
Aaron StockdillDr M. JamnikDr S. B. Holden2017-10-01Automating representation change across domains for reasoning
Domagoj StolfaDr R. N. WatsonDr A. R. Beresford2017-10-01Developing new tracing methodologies in virtualized environments
Peng SunDr T. M. JonesProf. A. Mycroft2015-10-012019-09-30Enhancing Automatic Parallelisation Through Dynamic Adaptation
Nicholas TimmonsDr A. C. RiceProf. A. Mycroft2017-10-01Approximate computation for scientific computing
Ivo TimoteoDr S. B. HoldenDr P. Lio2012-10-012016-09-30Identification of dynamic systems from time-series data
David TurnerDr I. J. WassellDr Robert Harle2013-10-012017-09-30Real Time Compressive Sensing and Classification
Danny VagnozziProf. A. DawarProf. A. M. Pitts2017-10-01Algebraic Methods in the Study of Graph Isomorphism
Marno Van Der MaasProf. S. W. MooreDr Robert Watson2017-10-01Private Application Execution
Diana VasileDr A. R. BeresfordDr A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2015-04-102019-04-09Improving the delivery of security updates in distributed systems
Petar VelickovicDr P. Lio'Dr T. M. Sauerwald2016-01-042020-01-03Multi layer networks algorithms using health data
Anita VeroDr S. ClarkDr S. H. Teufel2015-10-012019-09-30Multi-modal semantics for Natural Language Processing
Alexander Michael VetterlProf. R. J. AndersonDr A. R. Beresford2016-10-012020-09-30A virtual honeypot for the Internet of Things
Duo WangDr P. Lio'Prof. C. Mascolo2016-10-012020-09-30Bridging Computer Science with Neuroscience towards a new understanding of reasoning
Mark WassellProf. P. M. SewellProf. A. M. Pitts2016-10-012020-09-30Semantic tools
Conrad WattProf. P. M. SewellProf. A. Mycroft2016-10-012020-09-30C: compilers vs semantics
Gregory WilsenachProf. A. DawarProf. M. P. Fiore2014-10-012018-09-30Mathematical Logic
Kawin WorrasangasilpaProf. L. C. PaulsonProf. A. Dawar2017-01-052021-01-04Formal Verification and Graph Algorithms
Hongyan XiaProf. S. W. MooreDr R. D. Mullins2015-10-012019-09-30A capability model for IoT and embedded devices
Menglin XiaProf. E. J. BriscoeProf. A. A. Copestake2014-10-012018-09-30Readability and summarization for non-native reading comprehension assessment
Hui XiaoDr P. Lio',
Prof. Anne Ferguson-Smith, MoleBio
Prof. Anne Ferguson-Smith2014-04-172018-04-16Computational modelling of epigenetic changes and developmentally relevant metabolic signalling pathways in early development
Nanyang YeProf. P. RobinsonDr Hatice Gunes2016-10-012020-09-30Eye gaze estimation
Guo YuProf. A. F. Blackwell,
Dr Ian Cross
2014-10-012018-09-30Empathy and entrainment in user interfaces
Ahmed ZaidiProf. E. J. BriscoeTBC2016-10-012020-09-30Automated Essay Scoring Using Deep Learning
Joseph ZammitDr I. J. Wassell,
Dr. Ashwin A Seshia (CUED)
2016-10-012019-09-30The use of Distributed Source Coding in Wireless Sensor Networks
Bjoern ZeebDr A. W. MooreDr R. N. Watson2012-10-012016-09-30Rethink 4.1aBSD and subsequent network stack design choices.
Jiexin ZhangDr A. R. BeresfordDr A. C. Rice2017-10-01Privacy and security protection for mobile devices
Jingyun ZhangDr A. W. MooreProf. R. Penty (CUED)2014-10-012018-09-30Power efficient coding for short-range optic networks
Meng ZhangProf. E. J. BriscoeProf. A. A. Copestake2014-10-012018-09-30Automatic evaluation and visualization of essays written by English as foreign language learners
Jianxin ZhaoProf. J. A. CrowcroftDr R. M. Mortier2015-10-012019-09-30Personal data: Privacy enhancing databox
Yiren ZhaoDr R. D. MullinsDr T. M. Jones2017-10-01Coarse-grained reconfigurable architectures for machine learning applications
Jin ZhuDr P. Lio'Dr M. G. Kuhn2016-10-012020-09-30A Clinical Decision Support System for Cerebral Vascular Diseases