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Local System Information

This page offers pointers to detail of how to use lab systems, how to get help, and so on.

Getting help and introductory documents

  • Getting help: The main contact address is You should always send email to that address rather than to a specific member of the support team as your request can then be dealt with by the most appropriate person. Emails to that address are fed into out job-ticketing system - it is important not to reply to old tickets with new issues nor to alter the subject line in the replies you recieve back via the ticketing system. Requests sent to to that address are processed by the person currently on the help-desk. So expect to have interactions with more than one person to resolve a fault - especially if it is a specialist issue or a complex one. During term time the help-desk runs in both the mornings and afternoons (see schedule). Outside of term we aim to cover at least one of the morning or afternoon sessions each day.
  • An introduction to computing facilities is an on-line copy of the booklet new users are given.
  • The Frequently Asked Questions list.
  • The local system administration pages A to Z list.

Administrative matters

Workstation provision

Systems software

Communications and the network


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25 Jun 2015

TexLive 2015 now available on the filer

The latest version of TeXLive is now available on the filer in /usr/groups/texlive.
Using the standard TeXLive naming convention, it is in the directory 2015. (more...)

28 May 2015

Disruption to Xen clients

Our Xen system was disrupted last night. It is believed to be mostly fixed, but users should check their systems.
A rogue process caused problems with the Lab routing, which caused the filer to be inaccessible, causing some domUs to deem their file systems broken. It is thought that most effected systems have been restarted, but there may still be problems which need fixing. Please email sys-admin if any help is needed.

9 Mar 2015

DHCP servers upgraded

The main Lab DHCP servers have been replaced. This should not have changed things for clients, so if there are any problems, please report them to sys-admin.

3 Mar 2015

Another power glitch 2015-03-03 03:06:24

This time it killed a switch ad (at least) two discs.

24 Feb 2015

West Cambridge power problem 2015/02/23

There was a power problem on the West Cambridge site effecting some of our systems in the WGB and some in the UIS at around 9PM on Mon 23 Feb. Please report any anomalies to sys-admin.