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This page offers pointers to detail of how to use lab systems, how to get help, and so on.

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1 Jan 2017

Systems vulnerable 10th January

On the 10th January the UPS is being moved. This will leave core services vulnerable to building power outage until it is recommissioned later that day. (more...)

10 Oct 2016

Microsoft Imagine Username Changes

The usernames on the Microsoft Imagine site (formerly known as Dreamspark and before than as MSDNAA) have been changed to be of the form [Javascript required] for all users. The effect of this change will be that you receive notice of your new account details and the old one will no longer be available. If this causes any difficulties for you please contact [Javascript required].

30 Sep 2016

Website upgrade Tuesday 4th October

On the morning of Tuesday, 4th October 2016 we will upgrade the web server software behind the main Lab web site. (more...)

15 Sep 2016


The UIS have recently made available reduced cost access to Business Dropbox available via normal purchasing means.

29 Aug 2016

Terminal Server access now requires VPN

Following a number of brute force password attacks against our Windows Terminal Server hosts these have now been restricted to only accept connections from clients within the University network. If you need to access them from outside that network then first connect using a VPN.