Computer Laboratory

Natural Language and Information Processing Research Group


Academic staff

  • Prof. Edward J. Briscoe – ejb – GS18
    Robust parsing technology, constraint-based processing, language acquisition and language evolution.
  • Dr Stephen Clark – sc609 – GS17
    Statistical parsing, compositional and distributional semantics, lexical and world knowledge acquisition, machine learning for NLP.
  • Prof. Ann Copestake – aac10 – GS20
    Compositional and lexical semantics, formalisms for language representation, multiword expressions, generation, grammar development environments.
  • Dr Simone Teufel – sht25 – GS14
    Text summarisation, text generation and regeneneration, information retrieval.

Research fellows

  • Dr Anna Korhonen – alk23 – GS12
    Lexical acquisition and adaptation, lexical semantics, discourse, scientific text processing, text mining, multilingual NLP, minimally supervised NLP, language acquisition, language in the brain.

Post-doctoral researchers

  • Dr Laura Rimell – lr346 – GS19
  • Dr Ilona Silins – is345 – GS08
    Biomedical text mining
  • Dr Eva Maria Vecchi – av308 – GS16
    Distributional Semantics; Formal Semantics; Compositionality; Meaning Representation; Acquisition of Semantic Knowledge
  • Helen Yannakoudakis – hy260 – GS24

Research students

  • Saad Aloteibi – smsa3 – GS16
    A user-centered approach to Information Retrieval (Clark)
  • Awais Athar – aa496 – GS06 (Teufel)
  • Sandro Bauer – smb89 – GS06
    Information and Knowledge Extraction using Structured Knowledge Bases (Clark)
  • Luana Fagarasan – ltf24 – GS08
    Distributional and Compositional Semantics (Clark)
  • Yufan Guo – yg244 – GS08
    Information structure of scientific documents (Korhonen)
  • Felix Hill – fh295 – GS08 (Korhonen)
  • Matic Horvat – mh693 – GS06 (Copestake, Byrne)
  • James Jardine – jgj29 – GS06 (Teufel)
  • Douwe Kiela – dk427 – GS06
    Distributional Compositional Models of Semantics (Clark)
  • Ekaterina Kochmar – ek358 – GS24 (Briscoe)
  • Thomas Lippincott – tl318 – GS24
    Automatically acquiring lexical resources from corpora (Korhonen)
  • Stuart Moore – stjm2 – GS08
    Number sense disambiguation (Korhonen)
  • Theodosia Togia – tt309 – GS06
    Uncovering implicit relations in folksonomy (Copestake)
  • Wenduan Xu – wx217 – GS06
    Shift-Reduce CCG parsing (Clark)
  • Mariano Felice – mf501 – GS24
    Error Detection and Correction in Non-Native English Text (Briscoe)
  • Zheng Yuan – zy249 – GS24
    Detection and Correction of Serial Errors in Non-Native English Text (Briscoe)

Visitors and local collaborators

  • Dr Paula Buttery – pjb48 – GS04
    Construction and evaluation of computational models of language acquisition, automated corpus analysis (Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics)
  • Dr Oeistein Andersen – oa223 – GS24
  • Dr Gareth Jones – gjfj100 – GS12

The group mailing list is local-nlip. For individual contact details, see also the Laboratory's list of all members. A list of former members is available.