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I am a third year PhD student at the University of Cambridge Computer Lab, supervised by Prof Simone Teufel within the Natural Language and Information Processing group. I am also a member of Homerton College. Before this, I completed the MPhil in Advanced Computer Science here and did my BSc in Computer Science at the University of Bristol. My master's research, entitled Modelling polysemy in distributional semantic models, looked at how word sense can be explicitly modelled in DSMs and the benefits of doing so. You can download my CV here.

I am interested in developing interpretable models for computational multi-hop reasoning as a way of verifying that models are not reaching conclusions through incorrect or spurious reasoning processes, and as a way of exploring what explicit reasoning looks like. I do this by successively applying 'common sense' information stored symbolically in a knowledge graph, and examine patterns of usage in the course of multiple-choice question answering and natural language inference. Core to my research is that any reasoning system should be robust to changes in the dataset and task that are used for evaluation.

I jointly organise the weekly NLIP seminar series, usually held at noon on Fridays. If you're in Cambridge (or nearby) and would like to give a talk, please drop me an email at the address below.

Outside of the lab I enjoy Taekwondo and kickboxing, and was the president of the kickboxing society for 2019-20.


CAMsterdam at SemEval-2019 Task 6: Neural and graph-based feature extraction for the identification of offensive tweets (pdf)
Guy Aglionby, Christopher Davis, Pushkar Mishra, Andrew Caines, Helen Yannakoudakis, Marek Rei, Ekaterina Shutova and Paula Buttery
In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation 2019 (SemEval 2019)
Minneapolis, USA, 2019


Key: MT = Michaelmas term, autumn. LT = Lent term, winter.


October 2020 I'm a technical co-chair for the Conference for Truth and Trust Online 2020.
September 2020 I'm interning as an Applied Scientist at Amazon Alexa this autumn.
July 2020 Attended ACL 2020.
July 2020 Recognised as a significant contributor to the ACL 2020 virtual conference website.
June 2020 I made a tool to update BibTeX files with canonical information from the ACL Anthology. I currently host it, but look out for the ported version on the Anthology soon!
June 2020 Attended AKBC 2020.
June 2020 Gave a talk at PyData Sofia: "Which laws should go? Helping social scientists analyse public opinion with natural language processing".
May 2020 Attended ICLR 2020.


Phone: +44 (0)1223 763558

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University of Cambridge
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