Computer Laboratory

Research in the Rainbow Group

The interests of the graphics and interaction group span computer graphics, image processing, interaction devices, and interdisciplinary design. The list at left details some of the group’s current projects. Look at the group members’ individual pages for details of other work.

Graphics & Imaging

The group has undertaken research in computer graphics since the late 1960s. Over the decades the focus has moved from considerations of display hardware and hardware architecture (1970s), through rendering algorithms (1980s) and 3D display technologies (1990s), to our present work on modelling, imaging, and animation.

Graphics research is undertaken primarily by PhD students and post-docs working under the supervision of Prof. Neil Dodgson, Dr Malcolm Sabin, and Prof. Peter Robinson.

Interaction & Design

The group has undertaken research in the field of human-computer interaction for many years. Much of that research has focused on novel interface techniques that put computing power into the hands of a wider range of users, under the direction of Prof. Peter Robinson. This work on interface techniques has been complemented by research into theoretical aspects of HCI, including cognitive science and design theory, under the direction of Dr Alan Blackwell.

HCI research increasingly involves collaboration with other parts of the university. The Crucible network is jointly directed by Alan Blackwell, and by David Good in the Faculty of Politics, Psychology, Sociology and International Studies. Crucible has established or participated in over a hundred separate research projects, many in areas related to HCI, which often have close links to the Graphics & Interaction Group.