Computer Laboratory

Part III and MPhil Machines

The main pool of around forty machines for the Part III and MPhil courses are in SW02. During practical session, priority should be given to students doing the practical, but there are likely to be unused machines for other students to use for quiet work. The machines should all be sufficiently similar to used interchangeably, so that users should not care which one they use each time.

There is also a smaller pool of around five machines in FS07.

Users who have setup ssh user keys can also ssh in to the slogin-mphil machines (e.g. slogin-mphil0 and slogin-mphil1) and do 'light work', or can run kinit and then ssh to the NetFPGA systems in SW04, or the machines in SW02 and FS07. Please do not use a SWo2 or FS07 machine for 'heavy work' if there is an active user on the machine. Note that direct ssh access to other MPhil machines is not possible as they use sec=krb NFS authentication which requires a kerberos ticket.

When finished with a machine, please turn it off. Idle machines are liable to shutdown when unused for a period.

If you discover any other tips which might be useful to other users, please pass them on to