Eiko Yoneki

I am a Research Fellow leading Data Centric Systems and Networking Group in the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory Systems Research Group. I received my Ph.D. degree from the University of Cambridge in December, 2007 (Data Centric Asynchronous Communication) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge in 2003. Previously, I have spent several years with IBM (US, Japan, Italy and UK).


I am looking for highly motivated PhD students.

I am also looking for a Postdoc, who has strong computer systems background on computer system's optimisation using Machine Learning and large-scale graph data processing.



Video of my talk on ' Large-Scale Data Processing' at the Vocabulary of Big Data Event at University of Cambridge!

Scalable Data Processing for Big Data from Laptop, Multi-core, to Cluster Computing (Cambridge Big Data Collaborative Workshop) slides are up!



Current Research Projects:


Large-Scale Graph Processing Project 2012 - 

     Dagstuhl Seminar 14462 in November, 2014: Systems and Algorithms for Large Scale Graph Analytics ( Report)



DDDN: Data Driven Declarative Networking (MSR Joint Project) 2011-2015.

DDEPI: Data Driven Network Modelling for Epidemiology (EPSRC) 2010 - 



Past Research Projects:


RECOGNITION: Cognition for Self-awareness in a Content-Centric Networks (EU FP7) 2010-2013

Social Networking for Pervasive Adaptation (EU FP7) 2008-2011

SFE (Social-based Forwarding Evaluation): Impact of Social Network Structures in Opportunistic Networks


FluPhone Project: Understanding Spread of Infectious Disease and Behavioural Responses


      Media coverage 2011 May: University of Cambridge Research Page  BBC  Mobile Health News  The Engineer  Medgadget


       Visualisation of Dynamic Human Connectivity: 


Haggle: Autonomic Opportunistic Communications (EU FP6) 2006-2010

Haggle Open Source Code@Google

Understanding Behavioural Responses to Infectious Disease Outbreaks (ESRC) 2009-2010


Associated: Horizon - Digital Economy Hub : the Horizon Project (EPSRC) 2009-2014

My PhD Project: ECCO: Data Centric Asynchronous Communication




Teaching MPhil ACS: Large-Scale Data Processing and Optimisataion (2017-2018) in Michaelmas Term.

MPhil(ACS), Part II, and Part III project suggestions for 2017-2018!

Large-Scale Data Processing (BIG DATA):
Tutorial at Network of Excellence in Internet Science Summer School at University of Oxford August 17, 2012 (Slides).

My research interests span distributed systems, networking and databases, including complex networks and parallel computing.

  • Data Centric Systems and Networking
  • Large-Scale Graph Processing
  • Big Data
  • Graph Database
  • Parallel Data-Flow Programming
  • Data Driven Declarative Networking
  • Delay Tolerant Networks
  • Bio-Inspired Networks and Social Networks
  • Complex and Time-Dependent Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Mobile Peer-to-Peer systems
  • Data Synchronisation, Caching, and Replication
  • Event-Based Distributed Systems (Publish/Subscribe Systems, Group Communication)
  • Event Correlation (Composite Events, Data aggregation)
  • Knowledge Discovery and Intelligent Agent
Professional Activities:       Chair and TPC Activities.

My recent publications can be grouped into 3 related topics: 1) Large-Scale Graph Processing, 2) Digital Epidemiology, and 3) Delay Tolerant Networking. See also Google Scholar. 


           - 2017 -

  • F. Gessert,  M. Schaarschmidtm, W. Wingerath, E. Witt, E. Yoneki and N. Ritter: Quaestor: Query Web Caching for Database-as-a-Service Provider. International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB), 2017 (PDF).
  • V. Dalibard, M. Schaarschmidt, and E. Yoneki: BOAT: Building Auto-Tuners with Structured Bayesian Optimization. World Wide Web Conference (WWW), Perth, Australia, April, 2017 (PDF). Technical Report UCAM-CL-TR-900: A framework to build bespoke auto-tuners with structured Bayesian optimisation. Featured by the Morning Paper.
  • S. Saad, E. Yoneki, and  A. Crimi: Connectome of Autistic Brains, Global versus Local Characterization. BACON (Brain Analysis using Connectivity Networks at MICCAI Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention), 2017 (PDF).

           - 2016 -

  • V. Dalibard, M. Schaarschmidt, and E. Yoneki: Tuning the Scheduling of Distributed Stochastic Gradient Descent with Bayesian Optimization. NIPS: workshop on Bayesian Optimization: Black-box Optimization and Beyond, 2016 (PDF) [arXiv Link].  

  • M. Schaarschmidt, F. Gessert, V. Dalibard, and E. Yoneki: Learning Runtime Parameters in Computer Systems with Delayed Experience Injection. NIPS: Deep Reinforcement Learning Workshop, 2016 (PDF) [arXiv Link].

  • Dalibard, V., Yoneki, E.: Tuning Computer Systems with Structured Bayesian Optimization. EuroSys abstract, 2016 (PDF).
  • J. Tirado, O. Serban, Q. Guo, E. Yoneki: Web Data Knowledge Extraction. Technical Report, University of Cambridge (UCAM-CL-TR-881).
  • A. Socievole, A. Zivianib, F. De Rangoa, A.V. Vasilakosd, E. Yoneki: Cyber-physical systems for Mobile Opportunistic Networking in Proximity (MNP) (Editorial) Elsevier Computer Networks, Volume 111, 24, 2016 (PDF).

            - 2015 -

  • W. Rao, E. Yoneki, and L. Chen: L-Graph: A General Graph Analytic System on Continuous Computation Model.  HotPlanet, September, 2015 (PDF).
  • I. Giechaskiel, G. Panagopoulos and E. Yoneki: PDTL: Parallel and Distributed Triangle Listing for Massive Graphs.  44th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP), September, 2015 (PDF). See full experiment results in the appendix of Technical Report version (UCAM-CL-TR-866).

           - 2014 -

  • E. Yoneki: RasPiNET: Decentralised Communication and Sensing Platform with Satellite Connectivity.  ACM CHANTS, September, 2014 (PDF).
  • K. Nilakant, V. Dalibard, A. Roy, and E. Yoneki: PrefEdge: SSD Prefetcher for Large-Scale Graph Traversal.  ACM International Systems and Storage Conference (SYSTOR), June, 2014 (PDF).
  • K. Nilakant and E. Yoneki: On the Efficacy of APUs for Heterogeneous Graph Computation.  EuroSys - SMFA, Amsterdam, April, 2014 (PDF).

  • H. Kim, K. Beznosov and E. Yoneki: Finding Influential Neighbors to Maximize Information Diffusion in Twitter.  WWW - SIMPLEX, Seoul, April, 2014 (PDF).
  • E. Yoneki and J. Crowcroft: EpiMap: Towards Quantifying Contact Networks for Understanding Epidemiology in Developing Countries.  Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks Journal: Special Issue on Wireless Technology for Humanitarian Relief, Vol. 13, pp. 83-93, 2014 (online version 2012) (PDF).
  • A. Guazzini,  E. Yoneki and G. Gronchi: Cognitive dissonance and social influence effects on preference judgments: An eyetracking based system for their automatic assessment. Elsevier International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (PDF), 2014.

         - 2013 -

  • P. Basu, R. Gibbens, T. La Porta, C. Lin, A. Swami, and E. Yoneki "JSAC Guest Editorial Network Science".  IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications.Vol. 31, No. 6, June, 2013 (PDF).
  • A. Socievole, E. Yoneki, F. De Rango and J. Crowcroft "Opportunistic Message Routing using Multi-layer Social
    ACM HP-MOSys, Barcelona, November, 2013 (PDF).
  • E. Yoneki and A. Roy "Scale-up Graph Processing: A Storage-centric View".  ACM SIGMOD - GRADES, New York, USA, June, 2013 (PDF). (+GraphLab workshop, San Francisco, USA, July, 2013)
  • A. Boutet, H. Kim, and E. Yoneki "What's in Twitter I Know What Parties are Popular and Who You are Supporting Now!" Journal of Social Network Analysis and Mining, July, Springer, ISSN: 1869-5450, 2013  (PDF).  
  • D. Fay, J. Kunegis, and E. Yoneki "Centrality and Mode Detection in Dynamic Contact Graphs; a Joint Diagonalisation Approach".  IEEE/ACM ASONAM, Niagara Falls, Canada, Canada, August, 2013 (PDF).

         - 2012 -

  • A. Roy, K. Nilakant, V. Dalibard, and Eiko Yoneki  "Mitigating I/O latency in SSD-based Graph Traversal ".  Technical Report, University of Cambridge, 2012 (UCAM-CL-TR-823).
  • A. Martin-Campillo, J. Crowcroft, E. Yoneki, and Ramon Marti  "Evaluating Opportunistic Networks in Disaster Scenarios ".  Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Elsevier, 2012 (PDF).
  • E. Yoneki and Amitabha Roy  "A Unified Graph Query Layer for Multiple Databases ".  Technical Report, University of Cambridge, 2012 (UCAM-CL-TR-820).
  • K. Nilakant, J. Crowcroft and E. Yoneki  "Mistify: Augmenting Cloud Storage With Delay-Tolerant Cooperative Backup".  IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob), Barcelona, Spain, October, 2012 (PDF).
  • K. Nilakant and E. Yoneki  "Pocket Backup Storage System with Cloud Integration". ACM MobiCom Workshop on Challenged Networks (CHANTS), Istanbul, Turkey, August 2012 (Demo) (PDF).
  • H. Kim and E. Yoneki  "Influential Neighbours Selection for Information Diffusion in Online Social Networks".  IEEE International Conference on Computer Communication Networks (ICCCN), Munich, Germany, July 2012 (PDF).
  • A. Boutet, H. Kim and E. Yoneki  "What’s in Your Tweets? I Know What Parties are Popular and Who You are Supporting Now! ".  IEEE/ACM International Conference on Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) (Full Paper), Istanbul, Turkey, August 2012 (PDF).

    A. Boutet, H. Kim and E. Yoneki  "What’s in Your Tweets? I Know Who You Supported in the UK 2010 General Election".  International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM) (short paper), Dublin, Ireland, June 2012 (PDF).
  • D. Murray, K. Nilakant, J. Crowcroft and E. Yoneki  "Task Farming in Crowd Computing".  Social Opportunistic Networking, Stefano Basagni, Marco Conti, Silvia Giordano and Ivan Stojmenovic eds. (Book Chapter), Wiley, 2012.
  • H. Haddadi, R. Mortier, S. Hand, I. Brown, E. Yoneki, D. McAuley, and Jon Crowcroft  "Privacy Analytics". ACM Computer Communication Review, 42(2), April 2012 (PDF).

         - 2011 -

  • E. Yoneki, and J. Crowcroft  "EpiMap: Towards Quantifying Contact Networks and Modelling the Spread of Infections in Developing Countries ".  International Conference on Wireless Technologies for Humanitarian Relief (ACWR), December, 2011(PDF).
  • A. Martin-Campillo, E. Yoneki, J. Crowcroft, and Ramon Marti  "Electronic Triage Tag and Opportunistic Networks in Disasters ".  CoNext Special Workshop on the Internet and Disasters, December, 2011 (PDF).
  • D. Fay, J. Kunegis, and E. Yoneki  "On Joint Diagonalization for Dynamic Network Analysis ".  Technical Report, University of Cambridge, 2011 (UCAM-CL-TR-806 ).
  • N. Wang and E. Yoneki  "Impact of Social Structure on Forwarding Algorithms in Opportunistic Networks ".  IEEE Int'l Conf. on Selected Topics in Mobile & Wireless Networking, 2011 (PDF).
  • E. Yoneki  "FluPhone Study: Virtual Disease Spread using Haggle ".  ACM CHANTS, 2011 (PDF).
  • P. Hui, J. Crowcroft and E. Yoneki  "BUBBLE Rap: Social-based Forwarding in Delay Tolerant Networks ".  IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, vol. 10 no. 11, pp. 1576-1589, 2011 (PDF).
  • E. Yoneki, J. Crowcroft, P. Lio, N. Walton, M. Vojnovic and R. Whitaker  "Message from the Workshop on the Future of Social Networking". ACM Computer Communication Review, 41(3), July 2011 (PDF).
  • D. Fay, J. Kunegis, and E. Yoneki  "Uncovering Multi-Modal Spread Modes using Joint Diagonalization in Dynamic Human Contact Networks".  Interdisciplinary Workshop on Information and Decision in Social Networks (Poster), MIT, May 2011 (PDF).

         - 2010 -

  • E. Yoneki and D. Greenfield  " Inferring Significance of Meeting Groups in Human Contact Networks ".  European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS), Lisbon, Portugal, September, 2010. (PDF).

  • D. Murray, E. Yoneki, J. Crowcroft and S. Hand  " The Case for Crowd Computing".  ACM MOBIHELD at SIGCOMM, New Delhi, India, August, 2010 (PDF).

  • M. Freeman, N. Watkins, E. Yoneki, and J. Crowcroft  " Rhythm and Randomness in Human Contact".  International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM), Odense, Denmark, August, 2010 (PDF).

  • M. Kryczka, R. Cuevas, C. Guerrero, E. Yoneki and A. Azcorra  " A First Step Towards User Assisted Online Social Networks".  EuroSys workshop on Social Network Systems, Paris, France, April, 2010 (PDF).

  • J. Crowcroft and E. Yoneki  " European routes to reinventing Internet technology".  Nature 464, 486 (25 March 2010) (PDF).

  • M. Ostilli, E. Yoneki, I. Leung, J. Mendes, P. Lio, and J. Crowcroft  " Statistical Mechanics of Rumour Spreading in Network Communities".  International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS) - Engineered & Social Networks: Theory and Applications , Amsterdam, Netherland, May, 2010 (PDF).

    Longer Version:  "Ising Model of Rumour Spreading in Interacting Communities"
    . UCAM-CL-TR-767, University of Cambridge, 2010 (Technical Report ).

  • A. Martin-Campillo, J. Crowcroft, E. Yoneki, R. Marti and C. Martinez-Garcia  " Using Haggle to create an Electronic Triage Tag".  ACM MobiOpp (Short Paper), Pisa, Italy, February, 2010 ( PDF).
    - 2009 -

  • E. Yoneki, I. Baltopoulos and J. Crowcroft  " D^3N: Programming Distributed Computation in Pocket Switched Networks".  ACM MOBIHELD at SIGCOMM, Barcelona, Spain, August, 2009 ( PDF).

    D^3N introduced in MIT Technilogy Review.

  • E. Yoneki  " The Importance of Data Collection for Modelling Contact Networks".  IEEE SCMPS at Social Computing - Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Vancouver, Canada, August, 2009 ( PDF).

  • E. Yoneki and Fehmi Ben Abdesslem  " Finding a Data Blackhole in Bluetooth Scanning".  ExtremeCom, Sweden, August, 2009 ( PDF).

  • E. Yoneki, D. Greenfield and J. Crowcroft  " Dynamics of Inter-Meeting Time in Human Contact Networks".  International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM), Athens, Greece, July, 2009 ( PDF).

  • E. Yoneki and J. Crowcroft  "GIS: Geographical Information Cascade in Online Social Networks".   International Conference on Network Science (NetSci), Venice, Italy, June, 2009. ( PDF).

  • E. Yoneki "Time/Space Aware Event Correlation".  Principles and Applications of Distributed Event-based Systems, A. Hinze and A. Buchmann eds. (Book Chapter), Information Science Reference, 2009.

  • N. Sastry, E. Yoneki and J. Crowcroft  " Buzztraq: Predicting geographical access patterns of social cascades using social networks".  EuroSys workshop on Social Network Systems, Nuremberg, Germany, March, 2009 ( PDF).

  • A. Peddemors and E. Yoneki  " Probabilistic World Modeling with Cooperative Sensing".  KiVS workshop on Global Sensor Networks, Kassel, Germany, March, 2009 ( PDF) ( Slides).

  • P. Hui, E. Yoneki, J. Crowcroft, and Shu-yan Chan  "Identifying Social Communities in Complex Communications for Network Efficiency".  Complex 2009 (Complex Sciences: Theory and Applications), Shanhai, China, February, 2009.
    - 2008 -

  • J. Crowcroft, E. Yoneki, P. Hui, and T. Henderson  "Promoting Tolerance for Delay Tolerant Network Research". ACM Computer Communication Review, 38(5):63-68, October 2008 (PDF).

  • E. Yoneki, P. Hui, and J. Crowcroft "Wireless Epidemic Spread in Dynamic Human Networks". Bio-Inspired Computing and Communication, LNCS 5151, Springer, 2008 (PDF).

  • P. Lio, E. Yoneki, J. Crowcroft and D. Verma "Bio-Inspired Computing and Communication". Editing Book, LNCS 5151, Springer, 2008(Link).

  • E. Yoneki  "Data Centric Asynchronous Communication ".  ISBN: 978-3-639-07382-9, VDM Verlag, September, 2008.

  • E. Yoneki  "Visualizing Communities and Centralities from Encounter Traces". ACM MobiCom Workshop on Challenged Networks (CHANTS), San Francisco, USA, September, 2008 (PDF).

  • E. Yoneki and J. Crowcroft "Towards Data Driven Declarative Networking in Delay Tolerant Networks". 2nd International Conference on Distributed Event Based Systems (DEBS), Rome, Italy, July, 2008 (PDF).

  • E. Yoneki and J. Crowcroft "Study of Wireless Epidemic Spread in Dynamic Human Connectivity Traces".  International Conference on Network Science (NetSci), UK, June, 2008 (PDF).

  • P. Hui, J. Crowcroft, and E. Yoneki "BUBBLE Rap: Social Based Forwarding in Delay Tolerant Networks". 9th ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing (MobiHoc), HongKong, May, 2008 ( PDF).

  • E. Yoneki, P. Hui, and J. Crowcroft "Distinct Types of Hubs in Human Dynamic Networks". EuroSys Workshop on Social Network Systems, Glasgow UK, April, 2008 ( PDF).

  • V. Kostakos, E. Yoneki, E. O’Neill, H. Kenn and J. Crowcroft: "Understanding and Measuring the Urban Pervasive Infrastructure". Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, ISSN 1617-4909, Springer, March, 2008 ( PDF).
    - 2007 -
  • E. Yoneki and J. Bacon "eCube: Hypercube Event for Efficient Filtering in Content-Based Routing".  International Conference on Grid computing, High-performance and Distributed Applications (GADA - OTM) , Algarve, Portugal, November, 2007 (PDF) .
  • E. Yoneki, P. Hui,  S. Chan and J. Crowcroft "A Socio-Aware Overlay for Publish/Subscribe Communication in Delay Tolerant Networks".  10th ACM/IEEE International  Symposium on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (MSWiM), Crete, Greece, October, 2007. (PDF)
  • E. Yoneki, P. Hui and J. Crowcroft "Visualizing Community Detection in Opportunistic Networks".  ACM MobiCom Workshop on Challenged Networks (CHANTS), Montreal, Canada, September, 2007. (PDF, Flier)
  • P. Hui, E. Yoneki, S. Chan and J. Crowcroft  "Distributed Community Detection in Delay Tolerant Networks".  ACM SIGCOMM Workshop (MOBIARCH), Kyoto, Japan, August, 2007. (PDF)

    - Ph.D. Thesis -

  • Eiko Yoneki "ECCO: Data Centric Asynchronous Communication".  Technical Report UCAM-CL-TR677, University of Cambridge, 2007. http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/TechReports.

    - 2006 -

  • E. Yoneki and J. Bacon "Openness and Interoperability in Mobile Middleware".  Mobile Middleware, A. Corradi and P. Bellavista eds. (invited book chapter), CRC Press, 2006.
  • E. Yoneki "Wireless Rope: An Experiment in Social Proximity Sensing with Bluetooth".  IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom) - Demo, Pisa, Italy, March 2006. (PDF1, PDF2 )

    Wireless Rope PerCom Demo

  • E. Yoneki "Ambient Intelligence by Collaborative Eye Tracking".  European Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks (EWSN) - finalist in Sentient Future Competition (http://www.embedded-wisents.org/competition/competition_ann.htm), Zurich, Switzerland, February 2006. (PDF,  Poster )

    - 2005 -
  • E. Yoneki and J. Bacon "A Survey of Wireless Sensor Network Technologies: Research Trends and Middleware's Role".  (Technical Report UCAM-CL-TR646, University of Cambridge, 2005. )

  • E. Yoneki and J. Bacon "Ubiquitous Computing: Challenges in Flexible Data Aggregation".  IFIP International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing (EUC), Japan, December 2005.  (PDF

  • E. Yoneki and J. Bacon "Object Tracking using Durative Events".  IFIP International Symposium on Network-Centric Ubiquitous Systems (NCUS), Japan, December 2005.  (PDF

  • E. Yoneki and J. Bacon "Unified Semantics for Event Correlation over Time and Space in Hybrid Network Environments".  IFIP International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems (CoopIS'05), Cyprus, November 2005.  (PDF

  • E. Yoneki "Event Broker Grids with Filtering, Aggregation, and Correlation for Wireless Sensor Data".  IFIP International Workshop on Grid Computing and its Application to Data Analysis (GADA'05), Cyprus, November 2005.  (PDF

  • E. Yoneki "Evolution of Ubiquitous Computing with Sensor Networks in Urban Environments".  Ubicomp - Workshop on Metapolis and Urban Life, Tokyo, Japan, September 2005.  (PDF

  • E. Yoneki and J. Bacon  "Determination of Time and Order for Event-Based Middleware in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Environments". 3rd IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom) - Workshop on Mobile Peer-to-Peer Computing, Kauai, USA, March 2005 . (PDF

  • E. Yoneki and J. Bacon "Distributed Multicast Grouping for Publish/Subscribe over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks".  IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC'2005), New Orleans, USA, March 2005. (PDF

  • E. Yoneki and J. Bacon "Dynamic Group Communication in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Environments".  20th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC'05), Santa Fe, USA, March 2005. (PDF

    - 2004 -
  • A. Beugnard, L. Fiege, R. Filman, E. Jul, S. Sadou and Eiko Yoneki "Communication Abstractions for Distributed Systems ".   Journal of Object-Oriented Technology, Workshop Reader ECOOP'2004, LNCS, Springer-Verlag, 2004. 

  • E. Yoneki and J. Bacon "Towards a Peer-to-Peer Event Broker Grid in a Hybrid Network Environment".  On The Move Federated Conferences (OTM'04 - CoopIS/DOA/ODBASE) - Workshop on Grid Computing and its Application to Data Analysis, Cyprus, October 2004.  (PDF)

  • E. Yoneki and J. Bacon "Event Order with Interval Timestamp in Event Correlation Service over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks".  5th ACM/IFIP/USENIX International Conference on Middleware (Middleware'04 - Poster Session), Toronto, Canada, October 2004.  (PDF,  Poster )

  • E. Yoneki and J. Bacon "An Adaptive Approach to Content-Based Subscription in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks".  2nd IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications - Workshop on Mobile Peer-to-Peer Computing, Orlando, USA, March 2004. (PDF)

  • E. Yoneki and J. Bacon "Content-Based Routing with On-Demand Multicast".  24th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems - Workshop on Wireless Ad Hoc Networking (ICDCS WWAN 2004), Tokyo, Japan, March 2004. (PDF)

    - 2003 -
  • E. Yoneki  "Many Aspects of Reliabilities in a Distributed Mobile Messaging Middleware over JMS". International Symposium on Distributed Objects and Applications - Workshop on Reliable and Secure Middleware, Catania, Italy, November 2003. (PDF)

The following publications are from my Diploma project, which received "Best Dissertation Award".

  • E. Yoneki  "Mobile Applications with a Middleware System in Publish-Subscribe Paradigm".  3rd Workshop on Applications and Services in Wireless Networks (ASWN'03), Bern, Switzerland, July 2003. (PDF)

  • E. Yoneki  "Pronto: Mobile Gateway with Publish-Subscribe Paradigm over Wireless Networks".  4th ACM/IFIP/USENIX International Conference on Middleware (Middleware'03 - Work in Progress), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 2003, IEEE Distributed Systems Online Vol.4 No.5, May 2003. ( PDF )  
    (Full version:Technical Report UCAM-CL-TR559, University of Cambridge, 2003. http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/TechReports.)

  • E. Yoneki and J. Bacon "Gateway: a Message Hub with Store-and-forward Messaging in Mobile Networks".  23rd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems - Workshop on Mobile Computing Middleware (ICDCS MCM03), Rhode Island, USA, May, 2003. (PDF )
Supervisions: I am supervising the following courses: Distributed Systems, Concurrent Systems, Digital Communication, Foundations of Programming, and Part II Projects. 

Here are several
Part II, Part III, and MPhil(ACS) Project Suggestions for 2014/2015.


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