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  • Peter G. Neumann, the San Jose Mercury News's Bruce Newman talks with Peter Neumann about cybersecurity. Link.
  • Robert N. M. Watson, IEEE Spectrum Techwise Conversation podcast interview, recorded 26 December 2012, explores the argument for clean-slate design and the nature of current attacker-defender asymmetry. Link.
  • Peter G. Neumann, Minnesota Public Radio's The Daily Circuit, 27 December 2012, discusses the inadequacy of passwords and the need for trustworthy systems. Link.
  • Peter G. Neumann. A profile of Peter Neumann, written by John Markoff, was included in The New York Times Science Tuesday section on 30 October 2012, along with a short video clip in the online version. Link.
  • Robert N. M. Watson, Queue Portrait: Robert Watson recorded in August 2012, explores research into the hardware-software interface. Link.