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Nikiforos Karamanis


(Analysis last run in January 2008)

2005--2007: 'text structuring'; 'anaphoric relations'; 'flybase curation'; 'domain-relevant schemes'; 'biomedical full-text articles'; 'multiple-choice test items'; 'local rhetorical relations for information'; 'initial experiments'; 'a computer-aided environments'; 'medical text'; 'rhetorical coherence'; 'new domains'; 'initial experimentation'; 'sentence orderings'; 'pilot study'; 'entity coherence';

2000--2004: 'text structuring'; 'corpus-based methods'; 'annotated corpus'; 'recent corpus-based methods for evaluating information ordering in text production'; 'animate subject'; 'centering-based metrics'; 'coherent discourses'; 'categorial grammar'; 'nominal morphology';

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