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Graphics and Interaction (Rainbow) Group

Research Interests

'cognitive dimensions'; 'tangible user interfaces'; 'tangible interaction'; 'solid diagrams'; 'accessible technology'; 'assistive technology'; 'physical world'; 'visual programming'; 'end-user security'; 'end-user software engineering'; 'tangible interface prototyping';
Alan Blackwell; Cecily Morrison; Darren Edge; Lorisa Dubuc; Luke Church;

'multi-view autostereoscopic image compression'; 'histogram warping'; 'non-uniform b-spline subdivision'; 'subdivision schemes'; 'minimising gaussian curvature variation near extraordinary vertices'; 'multiresolution image representation'; 'sampled cp surfaces'; 'multi-view autostereoscopic displays'; 'bounded curvature variants'; 'human behaviour';
Neil Dodgson; Thomas Cashman; Ursula Augsdorfer;

'text for multiprojector tiled displays'; 'distributed tabletops'; 'remote review meetings'; 'improved legibility'; 'tabletop interface'; 'rapid prototyping'; 'high-resolution tabletop applications';
Peter Robinson; Philip Tuddenham;

'students with visual disabilities using high-resolution photography'; 'assistive tool'; 'lecture adaptation'; 'lecture environments'; 'photonote evaluation'; 'time-lapse photography';
Gregory Hughes; Peter Robinson;

'approximating lofted surfaces'; 'smooth manifold based construction';
Richard Southern;

'social interaction in physical-digital environments'; 'folk song in identity practice'; 'motion captured dance'; 'biomechanically-based spinal models'; 'invented traditions';
Cecily Morrison;

'boolean operations on polyhedral shapes using approximate arithmetic';
Julian Smith;

'rescue robots'; 'rescue robotics'; 'human technology teams'; 'real world'; 'grand treasure hunt'; 'candidate requirements'; 'uav-related situation awareness'; 'physical avatar systems';
Laurel Riek;