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Neil Dodgson


(Analysis last run in January 2008)

2005--2007: 'histogram warping'; 'subdivision schemes'; 'multi-view autostereoscopic displays'; 'multiresolution image representation'; 'sampled cp surfaces'; 'non-uniform b-spline subdivision'; 'human behaviour'; 'multi-view autostereoscopic image compression'; 'stylised rendering'; 'image compression'; 'four-point subdivision schemes'; 'general degree b-splines'; 'nonlinear image processing'; 'approximating lofted surfaces'; 'boolean operations on polyhedral shapes using approximate arithmetic'; 'number of views required for head-tracked autostereoscopic display'; 'classification of bivariate subdivision schemes'; 'minimising gaussian curvature variation near extraordinary vertices'; 'replicated image'; 'robust algorithms'; 'sparse colour sampling'; 'circle-preserving variant'; 'geometric modelsling'; 'procedural textures'; 'smooth manifold based construction'; 'color histogram specification'; 'bounded curvature variants'; 'psychologically-based vision'; 'heuristic analysis'; 'box-spline surfaces'; 'surface subdivision schemes';

2000--2004: 'histogram warping'; 'subdivision schemes'; 'multi-view autostereoscopic displays'; 'recursive subdivision'; 'sampled cp surfaces'; 'free-form deformation'; 'behavioural animation'; 'point clouds'; 'compression issues'; 'two-dimensional potential'; 'multi-view autostereoscopic image compression'; 'image compression'; 'texture-by-numbers cloning'; 'human interpupillary distance'; 'external expression'; 'user controlled characters'; 'advanced implicit modelsling operators'; 'dual √3 subdivision schemes'; 'time-multiplexed autostereoscopic'; 'classification of bivariate subdivision schemes'; 'c1 reconstruction of regular grids'; 'interactive modelsling of potential fields'; 'three-dimensional visualisation'; 'triangular mesh'; 'novel autostereoscopic'; 'rich actions'; 'self-similarity based texture'; 'potential fields'; 'eye movements'; 'generative classification'; 'extraordinary points'; 'bridget riley'; 'automatic contrast enhancement'; 'curvature behaviours'; 'dotty musings'; 'enhanced texture'; 'different applications'; 'large-screen autostereoscopic'; 'computer graphics'; 'autonomous secondary gaze behaviours'; 'concise user control'; 'internal behavioural models'; 'hypergeometric functions'; 'believable avatars'; 'implicit surfaces';

1995--1999: 'multi-view autostereoscopic displays'; 'free-form deformation'; 'behavioural animation'; 'image resampling'; 'image compression'; 'time-multiplexed autostereoscopic'; 'autostereoscopic endoscope for abdominal surgery'; 'cambridge autostereo'; 'time-multiplexed color autostereoscopic'; 'time-multiplexed three-dimensional video'; 'laparoscopic surgery'; 'correct stereoscopic'; 'adaptive refinement'; 'captured images'; 'classifier systems'; 'cluttered environments'; 'error resilient lossless image coding'; 'lossless image compression'; 'quadratic interpolation'; 'time-manipulated three-dimensional video'; 'cambridge autostereoscopic';

1990--1994: 'image resampling';

1975--1979: 'meshless geometric subdivision';

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