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Computer Architecture Group

Research Interests

'smart card applications'; 'dynamic power consumption'; 'vector co-processor for public key cryptography'; 'energy exploration'; 'design time'; 'device security enhancement'; 'improved input power dynamic range in semiconductor optical amplifier switches'; 'timing regime'; 'asynchronous PLA'; 'NOC design';
Andrew West; Arnab Banerjee; Athanasios Markettos; Dan Greenfield; Robert Mullins; Simon Moore;

'electromagnetic analysis'; 'simulation methodsology'; 'security evaluation';
Athanasios Markettos;

'FWA systems'; 'real world case study'; 'polarisation dependence'; 'simple pushlogic'; 'large soc concurrent engineering'; 'textual environments'; 'switchable-polarisation antenna';
David Greaves;

'hardware synthesis'; 'network processors'; 'sentient computing environments'; 'multiple memory access instructions'; 'reducing code sise'; 'task partitioning'; 'sentient mobile applications'; 'linear types';
Alan Mycroft;

'multi-wavelength data encoding';
Andrew West;