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Artificial Intelligence Group

Research Interests

'combined reasoning'; 'diagrammatic reasoning'; 'schematic proofs'; 'proof planning'; 'resource guided concurrent deduction'; 'automated cooperation'; 'computational models';
Mateja Jamnik;

'visual phase information'; 'statistical principles'; 'iris recognition'; 'human iris patterns'; 'epigenetic randomness'; 'statistical richness'; 'statistical pattern recognition'; 'brain metaphor';
John Daugman;

'performance degradation'; 'pharmaceutical data'; 'bayesian hierarchical ordinal regression'; 'drug design'; 'support vector machines'; 'explicit use'; 'ADME property classification'; 'facial morphology';
Sean Holden;

'risk perception'; 'mitochondrial protein evolution'; 'technological networks'; 'mitochondrial complex'; 'packet traffic'; 'phase transition point'; 'time series analysis'; 'congestion in data network models';
Pietro Lio;