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Natural Language and Information Processing Group

Research Interests

'human annotation'; 'annotation schemes'; 'test collections'; 'multi-document summarisation'; 'automatic classification'; 'syntactic simplification'; 'citation function'; 'scientific work'; 'information retrieval'; 'text cohesion'; 'multiple languages';
A Korhonen; Advaith Siddharthan; Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha; Simone Teufel;

'anaphora resolution';
Caroline Gasperin; Judita Preiss; Rebecca Watson;

'flybase curation'; 'syntactic parsing'; 'anaphoric relations'; 'SCIXML document structure'; 'initial experiments'; 'biomedical full-text articles'; 'domain specificity'; 'BIOCREATIVE2 gene mention task'; 'multiple-choice test items'; 'active annotation'; 'text structuring';
Andreas Vlachos; Caroline Gasperin; Ian Lewin; Nikiforos Karamanis;

'scientific texts';
Ben Medlock; C J Rupp; Simone Teufel;

'compound nouns'; 'object language'; 'annotation guidelines'; 'sanskrit grammatical texts';
Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha;

'WSD systems'; 'subcategorisation frames'; 'large free text corpora'; 'knowledge barriers'; 'technology planning'; 'subcategorisation acquisition'; 'semantic web'; 'expert systems'; 'word sense disambiguation'; 'generation community networking'; 'detailed comparison';
Judita Preiss; Shahzad Khan;

'language technology'; 'language faculty'; 'multiword expressions'; 'verb subcategorisation differences'; 'sexual selection'; 'English relativisation strategies'; 'efficient extraction'; 'minimal recursion semantics'; 'adult speech'; 'hybrid static/dynamic grammars'; 'decorrelated encodings';
A Korhonen; Ann Copestake; C J Rupp; E J Briscoe; Paula Buttery; Rebecca Watson;

'machine translation'; 'information access'; 'flexible interfaces'; 'escience corpus'; 'situation semantics'; 'spoken language';
Ann Copestake; C J Rupp;

'human interactive proofs'; 'content-aware steganography'; 'context-free languages with respect to fuzzy relational semantics'; 'lazy prisoners';
Richard Bergmair;

'revisiting classification'; 'digital libraries'; 'video mail retrieval'; 'automatic summarisation'; 'semantic primitives'; 'computational linguistics'; 'AGRICOLA incurvo terram';
K Sparck Jones;

'lm-based spam'; 'nlp-based textual anonymisation'; 'adaptive language models approach';
Ben Medlock;