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Digital Technology Group

Research Interests

'map generation'; 'autonomic systems'; 'smart environments'; 'vehicular computation'; 'scalable inter-vehicular applications'; 'location systems'; 'road network'; 'sensor platform'; 'sentient transport';
Andy Hopper; Brian D Jones; David N Cottingham; Frank Stajano; Jonathan J Davies; Robert K Harle;

'architectural framework'; 'heterogeneous networking'; 'mobility management'; 'mobility support'; 'versatile services in NGN environments'; 'overlay networks';
Andy Hopper; David N Cottingham; Glenford Mapp; Stavros Tsiakkouris;

'FWA systems'; 'turbo codes'; 'broadband fixed wireless access'; 'optimised performance'; 'performance of iterative demapping'; 'cooperative networks'; 'technical computing'; 'distorted OFDM signals'; 'commercial mobile ad hoc network applications'; 'decoding techniques'; 'BFWA systems';
Ian J Wassell; Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou; William R Carson;

'middleware support'; 'interactive location-aware computing'; 'vertical handovers'; 'group key agreement in arbitrary topologies'; 'inter-domain password authenticated key exchange'; 'multichannel security protocols'; 'multimedia applications'; 'pervasive computing'; 'bluetooth pairing protocol'; 'lightweight clients'; 'evaluation framework';
Andy Harter; Ford-Long Wong; Frank Stajano; George Coulouris; Min Lin; Stavros Tsiakkouris;

'power-efficient embedded processor'; 'low-power location sensor'; 'intelligent sensor networks';
Mbou Eyole-Monono; Robert K Harle;

'mobile agents'; 'big brother'; 'tutorial task'; 'tertiary courseware models'; 'collaborative learning communities'; 'congestion-aware vehicular traffic routing'; 'augmented reality'; 'wifi hotspots'; 'sentient computing'; 'privacy-sensitive congestion';
Alastair Beresford; Joseph Newman;

'fiducial tags'; 'context-aware middleware systems'; 'dependable coding'; 'fine-grained tracking'; 'open source software toolkit'; 'marker-based vision system designs'; 'lateration-based positioning algorithms';
Andrew C Rice; Robert K Harle;

'location privacy'; 'channel sounder frequency offsets'; 'channel parameters';
Ford-Long Wong; Min Lin;

'MIMO spatial multiplexing receivers'; 'efficient scalar quantisation'; 'euclidean distances'; 'quantised spaces'; 'MIMO detection'; 'progressive hypercube decoding';
Francisco Monteiro ;

'generic location event simulator';
Kam Sanmugalingam;

'high performance memories'; 'memory gap'; 'computer industry'; 'neural nets'; 'personal revisitation';
Maurice V Wilkes;

'location mapping'; 'location-aware gaming'; 'bluetooth propagation'; 'forgotten wireless technology'; 'audio networking';
Alastair Tse;

'internet coordinate systems'; 'interdoman connectivity'; 'planetlab nodes'; 'internet routing policies';
Marcelo Pias;

'distributed framework'; 'resource database'; 'active office'; 'mobile users'; 'global teleporting'; 'ubiquitous personal computing'; 'applications mobile';
Andy Harter;

'OFDM systems'; 'frequency selective environments'; 'demodulated schemes';
J A Hurst;

'open-vocabulary speech indexing'; 'time variability'; 'suburban environment'; 'video mail retrieval'; 'multimedia retrieval';
M G Brown;