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Robert K Harle


(Analysis last run in January 2008)

2005--2007: 'smart environments'; 'intelligent sensor networks'; 'marker-based vision systems designs'; 'fine-grained tracking'; 'vehicular contexts'; 'power-efficient embedded processor'; 'location-aware systems'; 'open source software toolkit'; 'robust fiducial tracking'; 'privacy-sensitive congestion'; 'lateration-based positioning algorithms'; 'low-power location sensor'; 'big brother';

2000--2004: 'world models'; 'positioning systems'; 'ray-tracing within ceiling-mounted positioning systems'; 'discovering reflective surfaces'; 'novel methods'; 'autonomous environments discovery';

Related People
  • Andy Hopper [ DTG ]:
    • 'autonomous environments discovery'; 'discovering reflective surfaces'; 'location systems'; 'low-power location sensor'; 'positioning systems'; 'robust fiducial tracking'; 'smart environments'; 'world models';
  • Alastair Beresford [ SRG ][ DTG ]:
    • 'big brother'; 'location systems'; 'open source software toolkit'; 'vehicular computation';
  • Ian J Wassell [ DTG ]:
    • 'location privacy'; 'vehicular contexts'; 'wireless sensor network';
  • Andrew C Rice [ DTG ]:
    • 'fiducial tags'; 'open source software toolkit';
  • Eiko Yoneki [ SRG ]:
    • 'object tracking'; 'social context';
  • Mbou Eyole-Monono [ DTG ]:
    • 'intelligent sensor networks'; 'low-power location sensor'; 'power-efficient embedded processor';
  • Min Lin [ DTG ]:
    • 'location privacy'; 'wireless sensor network';