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Frank Stajano


(Analysis last run in January 2008)

2005--2007: 'location privacy'; 'multi-channel protocols'; 'context-aware application'; 'overlay networks'; 'mobility support'; 'bluetooth pairing protocol'; 'evaluation framework'; 'group key agreement in arbitrary topologies'; 'autonomic systems'; 'practical approach'; 'x-ray vision'; 'interactive location-aware computing'; 'multichannel security protocols';

2000--2004: 'pervasive computing'; 'invisible computer'; 'grenade timer'; 'malicious mobile code'; 'sentient car'; 'user privacy'; 'context-aware automotive telematics'; 'location-aware services';

1995--1999: 'ad-hoc wireless networks'; 'security issues'; 'multimedia applications'; 'native speakers'; 'power of anonymous broadcast'; 'cocaine auction protocol'; 'SMS server';

1990--1994: 'medusa applications environments'; 'tcl programs';

Related People
  • Ford-Long Wong [ DTG ][ Security ]:
    • 'bluetooth pairing protocol'; 'evaluation framework'; 'group key agreement in arbitrary topologies'; 'location privacy'; 'multichannel security protocols';
  • Alastair Beresford [ SRG ][ DTG ]:
    • 'location privacy'; 'location systems'; 'mobile agents'; 'pervasive computing'; 'sentient computing'; 'user privacy';
  • Andy Hopper [ DTG ]:
    • 'autonomic systems'; 'location systems'; 'mobile networking'; 'mobility support'; 'sentient computing'; 'virtual network computing';
  • Ian J Wassell [ DTG ]:
    • 'evaluation framework'; 'location privacy'; 'mobility management';
  • Glenford Mapp [ DTG ]:
    • 'autonomic systems'; 'mobile networking'; 'mobility support'; 'overlay networks'; 'practical approach';
  • Min Lin [ DTG ]:
    • 'evaluation framework'; 'location privacy';