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Ian J Wassell


(Analysis last run in January 2008)

2005--2007: 'broadband fixed wireless access'; 'FWA systems'; 'cooperative networks'; 'distorted OFDM signals'; 'broadband FWA systems'; 'turbo codes'; 'BFWA systems'; 'commercial mobile ad hoc network applications'; 'broadband fixed wireless access channel'; 'turbo equalisation'; 'suburban environment'; 'performance evaluation'; 'error probability performance'; 'location privacy'; 'IMD reduction'; 'MIMO enabled CDMA mobile receivers'; 'BFWA channels'; 'punctured turbo codes'; 'antenna selection'; 'time domain equalisation'; 'transfer function'; 'low complexity interference reduction'; 'optimum power allocation'; 'novel technique'; 'distributed power allocation'; 'co-operative networks'; 'TCM signals'; 'refined channel value'; 'efficient sphere decoding'; 'ray tracing predictions'; 'MIMO spatial multiplexing receivers'; 'wimax systems'; 'vertical handovers'; 'optimised performance'; 'FWA MIMO channels'; 'space-time turbo equaliser'; 'ultrawideband networks'; 'successive projection'; 'radio dispatch system'; 'equalisation algorithms'; 'polarisation dependence'; 'performance analysis'; 'evaluation framework'; 'switchable-polarisation antenna'; 'MIMO detection'; 'fine time synchronisers for wlans'; 'space-time block coded FWA systems'; 'linear equalisation in FWA systems'; 'conventional detection in BFWA systems'; 'performance of iterative demapping'; 'LDPC codes for broadband FWA systems'; 'vehicular contexts'; 'opportunistic user'; 'channel sounder frequency offsets'; 'distributed power control algorithms'; 'efficient scalar quantisation'; 'asymptotic performance'; 'iterative equalisation'; 'union bound approximation'; 'time domain schemes'; 'equalisation techniques'; 'euclidean distances'; 'partner selection schemes'; 'TCM decoding'; 'multiuser miso systems'; 'efficient maximum-likelihood decoding'; 'decoding techniques'; 'cooperative networks-_nn2 performance bounds'; 'nova science publishers'; 'convolutional codes'; 'progressive hypercube decoding'; 'turbo coding'; 'pseudo-random puncturing'; 'error performance'; 'channel parameters'; 'pre-stored components'; 'new ordering'; 'error rate evaluation'; 'quantised spaces'; 'SRK equalisation'; 'SISO system'; 'field trial results'; 'decoding algorithms'; 'error floor'; 'cooperative diversity'; 'exit chart analysis'; 'time variability'; 'turbo schemes';

2000--2004: 'broadband fixed wireless access'; 'OFDM systems'; 'cooperative networks'; 'distorted OFDM signals'; 'wireless communication'; 'channel allocation'; 'BFWA systems'; 'commercial mobile ad hoc network applications'; 'broadband fixed wireless access channel'; 'stabilised precoder'; 'suburban environment'; 'wireless access'; 'sub-optimum peak reduction carriers'; 'error probability performance'; 'IMD reduction'; 'fast start-up equaliser'; 'effective channel coding'; 'antenna selection'; 'decomposed CPM models'; 'common phase error correction'; 'fixed wireless access system'; 'wideband channel measurements'; 'delay line channel models'; 'continuous phase modulation'; 'multimedia applications'; 'wideband channel characteristics for'; 'packet reservation multiple access'; 'successive interference cancellation'; 'concatenated convolutional encoders'; 'MIMO spatial multiplexing receivers'; 'polarised antennas'; 'game theory'; 'CPM schemes'; 'pragmatic precoder'; 'mobility management'; 'feedback for OFDM in wireless communication'; 'linear equalisation in FWA systems'; 'quaternary convolutional encoders'; 'GHZ CMOS voltage controlled oscillators'; 'SOVA decoding'; 'interference avoidance'; 'adaptive modulation schemes'; 'iterative symbol offset correction algorithms'; 'hard decoding'; 'deterministic propagation modelsling'; 'simulation study'; 'parallel concatenated channel coding schemes'; 'improved detection methods'; 'efficient FMT equalisation'; 'geometrical approach'; 'efficient implementation'; 'radio communications'; 'novel coding strategy'; 'frequency dividers'; 'rician channels'; 'LDPC decoding'; 'peak reduction carriers'; 'optimum receivers'; 'adaptable viterbuses detector'; 'table-based approach'; 'intelligent relaying'; 'residual frequency offset correction'; 'receiver filter'; 'near-optimum training sequences'; 'telecommunication networks'; 'FMT modulation'; 'multiuser cross-correlation channel estimation'; 'demodulated schemes'; 'genetic algorithms'; 'lattice-reduction-aided receivers'; 'tomlinson-harashima precoding techniques'; 'equalisation requirement study'; 'frequency selective environments';

1995--1999: 'stabilised precoder'; 'CPM schemes'; 'antenna diversity'; 'antenna diversity for wireless LANS'; 'cambridge wireless broadband trial';

Related People
  • Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou [ DTG ]:
    • 'BFWA channels'; 'broadband FWA systems'; 'broadband fixed wireless access'; 'convolutional codes'; 'decoding techniques'; 'error floor'; 'optimised performance'; 'performance of iterative demapping'; 'punctured turbo codes'; 'time domain schemes'; 'transfer function'; 'turbo coding'; 'union bound approximation';
  • David Greaves [ CAG ]:
    • 'FWA systems'; 'communication primitives'; 'fast start-up equaliser'; 'mobile adaptive systems'; 'polarisation dependence'; 'polarised antennas'; 'pragmatic precoder'; 'simulation methods'; 'stabilised precoder'; 'wideband channel characteristics for';
  • Simon Moore [ Security ][ CAG ]:
    • 'channel communication'; 'design time'; 'recalibrated delay line'; 'security evaluation'; 'simulation methodsology';
  • Pietro Lio [ AI ]:
    • 'dependence problems'; 'gene function'; 'novel algorithms'; 'sexual selection';
  • Peter Robinson [ Rainbow ]:
    • 'channel communication'; 'improved legibility'; 'photonote evaluation'; 'recalibrated delay line';
  • Min Lin [ DTG ]:
    • 'channel parameters'; 'channel sounder frequency offsets'; 'evaluation framework'; 'location privacy';
  • Francisco Monteiro [ DTG ]:
    • 'MIMO detection'; 'MIMO spatial multiplexing receivers'; 'efficient scalar quantisation'; 'euclidean distances'; 'progressive hypercube decoding'; 'quantised spaces';