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Peter Robinson


(Analysis last run in January 2008)

2005--2007: 'tabletop interface'; 'rapid prototyping'; 'distributed tabletops'; 'remote review meetings'; 'document-centric meetings'; 'high-resolution tabletop applications'; 'synchronous systems'; 'assistive tool'; 'students with visual disabilities using high-resolution photography'; 'improved legibility'; 'mixed-presence tabletop collaboration'; 'large displays'; 'lecture environments'; 'mixed-presence tabletop applications'; 'time-lapse photography'; 'photonote evaluation'; 'lecture adaptation'; 'distributed collaboration';

2000--2004: 'asynchronous circuits'; 'end-user programming'; 'self-timed ASIC design'; 'programming-like activity'; 'embedded self-timed systems'; 'point-to-point gals interconnect'; 'text for multiprojector tiled displays'; 'kiosks for providing access to e-information for older adults'; 'channel communication'; 'stoppable clocks'; 'cognitive models'; 'recalibrated delay line'; 'synchronous subsystems'; 'independent clock domains'; 'ASIC design';

1995--1999: 'asynchronous circuits'; 'rapid prototyping'; 'self-timed circuits'; 'self-timed ASIC design'; 'synchronous circuits'; 'electronic text'; 'rotary pipeline processors'; 'flow table synthesis'; 'geometry planning'; 'video augmented environments'; 'hybrid completion detection'; 'active alice'; 'asynchronous design'; 'embedded processor'; 'frequency locked loops'; 'real paper';

Related People
  • Simon Moore [ Security ][ CAG ]:
    • 'ASIC design'; 'channel communication'; 'design time'; 'embedded systems'; 'independent clock domains'; 'recalibrated delay line'; 'security evaluation'; 'stoppable clocks';
  • Philip Tuddenham [ Rainbow ]:
    • 'distributed collaboration'; 'improved legibility'; 'large displays'; 'mixed-presence tabletop collaboration'; 'rapid prototyping'; 'remote review meetings'; 'tabletop interface'; 'text for multiprojector tiled displays';
  • Ian J Wassell [ DTG ]:
    • 'delay line channel models'; 'evaluation framework'; 'improved detection methods'; 'opportunistic user'; 'wireless communication';
  • Robert Mullins [ CAG ]:
    • 'ASIC design'; 'channel communication'; 'independent clock domains'; 'security evaluation'; 'stoppable clocks';
  • Gregory Hughes [ Rainbow ]:
    • 'assistive tool'; 'lecture adaptation'; 'lecture environments'; 'photonote evaluation'; 'students with visual disabilities using high-resolution photography';
  • Alan Blackwell [ Rainbow ]:
    • 'abstract interface'; 'cognitive dimensions'; 'iterative prototyping'; 'programming-like activity';
  • Darren Edge [ Rainbow ]:
    • 'abstract interface'; 'assistive technology'; 'cognitive dimensions';