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Alan Blackwell


(Analysis last run in January 2008)

2005--2007: 'cognitive dimensions'; 'tangible user interfaces'; 'visual programming'; 'end-user programming'; 'tangible interface prototyping'; 'tangible interaction'; 'end-user software engineering'; 'solid diagrams'; 'mobile services'; 'context-aware mobile services'; 'physical world'; 'programming language'; 'abstract interface'; 'domestic end-user programming'; 'iterative prototyping'; 'research diagrams'; 'visual languages'; 'interdisciplinary design'; 'design tools'; 'member validation in qualitative research'; 'social interaction in physical-digital environments'; 'undergraduate programme in interdisciplinary design'; 'cognitive dimensions in visual languages'; 'art in end-user software engineering'; 'usable morality'; 'graphic elicitation'; 'attention economy'; 'material culture'; 'contextual methods'; 'domestic programming';

2000--2004: 'cognitive dimensions'; 'tangible user interfaces'; 'visual programming'; 'end-user programming'; 'domestic appliances'; 'context-aware mobile services'; 'programming language'; 'fuzzy felt ethnography'; 'programming patterns'; 'cognitive technology'; 'attention investment models'; 'collaborative information retrieval'; 'tangible programming techniques'; 'LABVIEW programmers'; 'engineering design'; 'notations framework'; 'programming-like activity'; 'new cognitive dimensions'; 'visual languages'; 'data entry interface'; 'tracking visual attention'; 'programming usability research'; 'abstract operations into software work contexts'; 'visual representation'; 'psychological issues'; 'password memorability'; 'continuous gestures'; 'psychological perspectives'; 'notational systems'; 'user-centred approach'; 'curriculum focussed design'; 'performance research'; 'pictorial representation'; 'diagrammatic integration'; 'diagrammatic representation'; 'restricted focus viewer'; 'usable abstractions'; 'champagne prototyping'; 'visual language design';

1995--1999: 'end-user software engineering'; 'diagrams discussion papers. interdisciplinary'; 'notations for domain modelsing'; 'questionnaires in pop research'; 'questionable practices';

1985--1989: 'qualitative representation'; 'qualitative approach';

Related People
  • Darren Edge [ Rainbow ]:
    • 'abstract interface'; 'cognitive dimensions'; 'mobile context'; 'physical world'; 'solid diagrams'; 'tangible interaction'; 'tangible interface prototyping'; 'tangible user interfaces';
  • Lorisa Dubuc [ Rainbow ]:
    • 'abstract interface'; 'accessible technology'; 'mobile context'; 'physical world'; 'solid diagrams'; 'tangible interaction'; 'tangible interface prototyping';
  • Peter Robinson [ Rainbow ]:
    • 'assistive tool'; 'cognitive models'; 'programming-like activity'; 'rapid prototyping'; 'tabletop interface';
  • Luke Church [ Rainbow ]:
    • 'mobile context'; 'tangible interaction'; 'usable morality';
  • Ian J Wassell [ DTG ]:
    • 'iterative equalisation'; 'opportunistic user'; 'performance evaluation';
  • Cecily Morrison [ Rainbow ]:
    • 'social interaction in physical-digital environments'; 'solid diagrams'; 'tangible interaction';
  • David Eyers [ SRG ]:
    • 'user interface';