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Security Group

Research Interests

'vector approach'; 'smart card applications'; 'simulation methodsology'; 'hardware-software codesign'; 'vector co-processor for public key cryptography'; 'crypto transaction sets'; 'design time'; 'TFT technology'; 'covert conflict'; 'empirical results'; 'cryptography implementation';
Jacques Fournier; Ross Anderson; Shishir Nagaraja; Simon Moore; Theo Markettos; Tyler Moore;

'theorem prover'; 'cryptographic processors &ndash';
Jolyon Clulow; Ross Anderson; Sergei Skorobogatov;

'lightweight clients'; 'group key agreement in arbitrary topologies'; 'location privacy'; 'evaluation framework'; 'mobility support'; 'inter-domain password authenticated key exchange'; 'multichannel security protocols'; 'context-aware application'; 'overlay networks'; 'bluetooth pairing protocol';
Ford Long Wong; Frank Stajano; Jolyon Clulow; Shishir Nagaraja;

'anonymity systems'; 'security limits'; 'RFID distance bounding protocol'; 'real world patterns';
Gerhard Hancke; Markus Kuhn; Richard Clayton;

'optical fault induction attacks'; 'static RAM'; 'data remanence';
Sergei Skorobogatov;

'hierarchical data models';
Steven Murdoch;

'interactive proof'; 'concurrent systems'; 'lightweight relevance'; 'elementary functions'; 'machine-generated resolution problems'; 'equivalence classes'; 'interactive theorem proving';
Larry Paulson;

'visual phase information'; 'gabor wavelets'; 'iris recognition'; 'human iris patterns'; 'brain theory'; ' iris pair comparisons'; 'biometric decision landscapes'; 'complex-valued wavelets for stochastic pattern recognition';
John Daugman;

'pulse-based interconnect'; 'device security enhancement'; 'asynchronous interconnect architecture';
Simon Hollis;

'improved security characteristics';
Simon Moore;

'countering hidden-action attacks'; 'networked systems';
Tyler Moore;