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Cambridge Programming Research Group

Research Interests

'safety proof'; 'source release'; 'highly-concurrent linearisable objects'; 'separation logic'; 'distributed computation'; 'lazy concurrent list-based set implementation';
Viktor Vafeiadis;

'nested loop vectorisation'; 'delayed side-effects'; 'SIMD programming'; 'program obfuscation'; 'cryptographic primitives';
Anton Lokhmotov;

'concurrent embedded GC'; 'concurrent collectors'; 'barrier elision'; 'generational real-time garbage collection'; 'correctness-preserving derivation'; 'search procedure'; 'concurrent garbage collection algorithms';
Martin Vechev;

'resolution prover'; 'elementary functions';
Alan Lawrence;

'mobile agents'; 'stream processing hardware'; 'abstract interpretation'; 'packet processing'; 'combinational asynchronous circuits'; 'functional language specifications'; 'axiomatic approach'; 'sentient computing';
Alan Mycroft;

'stable paths problem'; 'hot-potato routing in IP networks'; 'multiple data sources'; 'MED oscillation problem in BGP'; 'BGP convergence time'; 'correctness of IBGP configuration'; 'planetlab nodes'; 'detection of IP forwarding anomalies';
Tim Griffin;

'aspect mining'; 'mining additions'; 'mining aspects'; 'mining eclipse'; 'static information'; 'static extensions';
Silvia Breu;

'automatic correction'; 'safety violations'; 'java virtual machine';
Umar Janjua;