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Theory and Semantics Group

Research Interests

'core design';
Gilles Peskine; Matthew Parkinson; Peter Sewell; Scott Owens;

'effective tool support'; 'working semanticist';
Gilles Peskine; Scott Owens; Susmit Sarkar; Tom Ridge;

'complex numbers'; 'operational semantics'; 'congruence rule format'; 'operational models'; 'reflective kleisluses subcategories'; 'category of eilenberg-moore algebras for factorisation monads';
Andrew Pitts; Marcelo Fiore; Sam Staton;

'fine-grained concurrency'; 'cartesian closed categories'; 'large numbers.'; 'semantic definition'; 'markov nets'; 'daniele varacca'; 'non-deterministic dataflow'; 'non-blocking stack'; 'information rate'; 'distributed probabilities'; 'separation logic';
Glynn Winskel; Matthew Parkinson; Samy Abbes;

'ARM verification'; 'higher-order logic'; 'encryption algorithms'; 'functional correctness proofs'; 'ARM machine code'; 'automatic formal synthesis'; 'automated reasoning'; 'elliptic curve cryptography';
Mike Gordon; Scott Owens;

'global abstraction-safe'; 'hash types'; 'type soundness';
Gilles Peskine;

'resolution prover'; 'interactive proof'; 'cardholder registration in SET'; 'proof pearl'; 'accountability protocols'; 'source-level proof reconstruction'; 'compositional reasoning';
Larry Paulson;

'monadic semantics for freshness'; 'order theory'; 'abstract syntax'; 'operational reasoning'; 'program equivalence'; 'alpha-structural recursion'; 'categorical logic';
Andrew Pitts;

'automatic correction'; 'nested loop vectorisation'; 'safety violations'; 'delayed side-effects'; 'hardware evolution'; 'network processors'; 'task partitioning';
Alan Mycroft;

'mobile agents'; 'source release'; 'dynamic software updating'; 'network protocols';
Peter Sewell;

'TIE breaking'; 'virtual private routed networks'; 'path vector protocols'; 'unified theory of policy-based routing'; 'interdomain routing'; 'tunable interdomain egress selection'; 'hot potato disruptions'; 'internet routing policies';
Tim Griffin;

'infinitary logic'; 'first-order definable optimisation problems'; 'regular games'; 'conjunctive queries'; 'inflationary fixed points'; 'graph logic'; 'finite structures'; 'finite models';
Anuj Dawar;