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Advanced Reasoning Group

Research Interests

'theorem proving';
Hasan Amjad; Kong Woei Susanto; Mateja Jamnik; Mike Gordon;

'mutilated chess board'; 'program composition'; 'hardware description languages'; 'yahalom protocol'; 'HOL4 theorem'; 'ARM verification'; 'fixedpoint approach'; 'proof-producing hardware compiler'; 'bdd-based symbolic calculation'; 'algebraic models'; 'encryption algorithms';
Anthony Fox; Joe Hurd; Larry Paulson; Magnus Myreen; Mike Gordon;

'source-level proof reconstruction';
Kong Woei Susanto;

'resolution prover'; 'elementary functions';
Behzad Akbarpour;

'syntactical approach'; 'geometrical inequalities';
Alexey Gotsman;

'informal human mathematical reasoning'; 'systems description'; 'agent-oriented reasoning systems'; 'physical plane'; 'algebraic logics'; 'automatic diagrammatic reasoning in continuous domains'; 'mechanised building of decision procedures';
Mateja Jamnik;

'propositional refutations'; 'models checking'; 'shallow lazy proofs'; 'theorem prover';
Hasan Amjad;