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Systems Research Group

Research Interests

'wireless rope'; 'business process automation'; 'mobile middleware'; 'computer-assisted legal inference'; 'publish/subscribe middleware architectures'; 'wireless sensor data'; 'process management'; 'distributed systems'; 'multimedia applications'; 'event-based middleware'; 'collaborative eye tracking';
David Eyers; Eiko Yoneki; Jean Bacon; Ken Moody; Luis Vargas;

'map generation'; 'scalable inter-vehicular applications'; 'context-aware middleware systems'; 'pseudonymous context-aware transport applications'; 'protection of privacy in transport middleware'; 'vehicular computation'; 'open source software toolkit'; 'marker-based vision systems designs';
Alastair Beresford; David Evans;

'electronic health records'; 'technology-assisted living'; 'message representation'; 'dynamic trust domains'; 'logical trade project';
Jatinder Singh; Ken Moody;

'resource-awareness in wireless sensor networks'; 'publish/subscribe protocol'; 'enhanced filtering in sensor-based publish/subscribe systems';
Salman Taherian;

'workload scenario'; 'benchmarking message-oriented middleware'; 'queueing petruses net modelsing environments';
Samuel Kounev;

'computational trust dissemination'; 'virtual memory mapped communications'; 'evidence based architecture'; 'augmented reality'; 'sentient environments'; 'general purpose client-server systems'; 'synchronisation primitive';
David Ingram;

'content-based publish/subscribe middleware'; 'enterprise information';
Luis Vargas;