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Advaith Siddharthan


(Analysis last run in January 2008)

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2005--2007: 'citation function'; 'automatic classification'; 'syntactic simplification'; 'annotation schemes'; 'multi-document summarisation'; 'scientific work'; 'text cohesion'; 'multiple languages'; 'scientific literature'; 'scientific texts'; 'multi-document summarisation of newswire'; 'parallel syntactic annotation'; 'MT errors'; 'multilingual summarisation'; 'cognitive status';

2000--2004: 'syntactic simplification'; 'multi-document summarisation'; 'generating anaphora'; 'interlingual annotation'; 'semantic annotation'; 'discourse structure'; 'text simplification systems'; 'multilingual text corpora'; 'MT development'; 'relative clause'; 'multilingual texts'; 'simplifying relative clause constructs'; 'resolving pronouns'; 'clause boundary ambiguities'; 'wordnet hierarchies'; 'open domains'; 'resolving attachment';

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