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Ann Copestake


(Analysis last run in January 2008)

2005--2007: 'minimal recursion semantics'; 'conventional speech act formulae'; 'language processing'; 'language technology'; 'escience corpus'; 'flexible interfaces'; 'corpus findings';

2000--2004: 'multiword expressions'; 'typed feature structures'; 'generating anaphora'; 'constraint-based grammar'; 'lexical productivity'; 'article generation'; 'semi-generative lexicon'; 'broad-coverage English grammar'; 'verb-particle constructions'; 'open domains'; 'computational grammar'; 'open-source grammar development environments';

1995--1999: 'lexical rules'; 'typed feature structures'; 'minimal recursion semantics'; 'sense extensions'; 'lexical translation relations'; 'speech prostheses'; 'flexible generation in AAC systems'; 'NLP technology for AAC using logged data'; 'alternative NLP techniques'; 'lexicon-pragmatics interface'; 'statistical representations'; 'word meaning'; 'default representation'; 'enriched language models'; 'order independent'; 'semi-lexicalist grammars'; 'semantic transfer'; 'persistent typed default unification'; 'efficient chart generator'; 'alternative communication'; 'semi-productive polysemy';

1990--1994: 'lexical rules'; 'sense extensions'; 'multilingual lexical representation'; 'lexical knowledge base'; 'lexical semantic information'; 'mass terms'; 'machine readable dictionary'; 'representation issues'; 'semi-automatic acquisition'; 'lexical polysemy'; 'compleat LKB'; 'unification based framework'; 'ACQUILEX LKB'; 'lexical operations'; 'hierarchical element'; 'large lexicons';


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