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Simone Teufel


(Analysis last run in January 2008)

2005--2007: 'citation function'; 'information retrieval'; 'automatic classification'; 'annotation schemes'; 'test collections'; 'human annotation'; 'scientific work'; 'scientific texts'; 'argumentative zoning'; 'evaluation methods'; 'lexical chains'; 'improved citation indexing'; 'critiquing novices'; 'scientific literature'; 'IR experiments with citations'; 'unsupervised detection of cue phrase variants'; 'language technology'; 'relevance judgements'; 'bootstrapping approach'; 'non-cited papers'; 'TREC question'; 'escience corpus'; 'flexible interfaces'; 'scientific abstracts'; 'agreement measures'; 'better index terms';

2000--2004: 'scientific articles'; 'factoid analysis'; 'multi-document summarisation'; 'medical articles'; 'human annotation'; 'cross-lingual environments'; 'scientific texts'; 'summary quality'; 'rhetorical status'; 'human summaries'; 'initial experiments'; 'linguistic processing'; 'intellectual attribution'; 'scientific papers'; 'task-based evaluation'; 'information content'; 'content-based metrics'; 'patient record information';

1995--1999: 'scientific articles'; 'annotation schemes'; 'tagset mapping'; 'flexible abstracts'; 'discourse-level argumentation'; 'sentence extraction'; 'flexible abstracting'; 'automatic annotation'; 'automatic identification of support verbs for nominalisations'; 'corpus-based methods'; 'classification task'; 'guidelines fuer'; 'conceptual accessibility'; 'rhetorical classification'; 'unrestricted texts'; 'classification guidelines'; 'eagles standard proposal'; 'extracted sentences'; 'resolving bridging descriptions'; 'support tool'; 'lexical specification'; 'typed incarnation'; 'argumentative classification'; 'meta-discourse markers'; 'german sentence production'; 'eagles validation'; 'deutscher textkorpora mit STTS';

1990--1994: 'comparative state-of-the-art survey'; 'general interest corpus-oriented tools'; 'integration spezialisierter parsingstrategien'; 'assessment study'; 'linguistisch motivierte corpuserschließung';

Related People
  • Advaith Siddharthan [ NLIP ]:
    • 'annotation schemes'; 'automatic classification'; 'citation function'; 'scientific literature'; 'scientific work';
  • C J Rupp [ NLIP ]:
    • 'escience corpus'; 'flexible interfaces'; 'information access'; 'language technology'; 'linguistic processing'; 'scientific texts';
  • Ben Medlock [ NLIP ]:
    • 'scientific literature';
  • K Sparck Jones [ NLIP ]:
    • 'revisiting classification'; 'factorial summary evaluation'; 'probabilistic retrieval'; 'relevance weighting';
  • A Korhonen [ NLIP ]:
    • 'automatic classification'; 'evaluation methods'; 'information extraction';
  • E J Briscoe [ NLIP ]:
    • 'evaluation methods'; 'linguistic evolution'; 'robust accurate statistical annotation';
  • Pietro Lio [ AI ]:
    • 'human genome'; 'structural information';