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K Sparck Jones


(Analysis last run in January 2008)

2005--2007: 'automatic summarisation'; 'computational linguistics'; 'revisiting classification'; 'automatic summarisation'; 'AGRICOLA incurvo terram'; 'digital libraries'; 'semantic primitives';

2000--2004: 'video mail retrieval'; 'summary performance comparisons'; 'multimedia documents'; 'broadcast news'; 'relevance weighting'; 'systems architecture'; 'semantic web'; 'probabilistic retrieval'; 'term specificity'; 'open-vocabulary speech indexing'; 'complete broadcast news shows'; 'generic summaries'; 'statistical interpretation'; 'language modelsling'; 'further reflections'; 'R.h. richens'; 'comparative experiments.'; 'spoken document representations'; 'factorial summary evaluation'; 'formal theories'; 'probabilistic models'; 'IR research issues'; 'automatic language'; 'statistical data'; 'audio indexing';

1995--1999: 'document retrieval'; 'summary performance comparisons'; 'automatic summarisation'; 'search terms'; 'multimedia documents'; 'broadcast news'; 'multimedia retrieval'; 'computer laboratory'; 'imperfect speech transcriptions'; 'discourse modelsling'; 'acoustic indexing'; 'discourse models'; 'word spotting accuracy on precision'; 'experimental methods'; 'analytic framework'; 'key component'; 'informal history'; 'talker-independent keyword'; 'testing predictions'; 'phone lattices'; 'multimedia tool'; 'general query expansion techniques';

1990--1994: 'information retrieval'; 'document retrieval'; 'video mail retrieval'; 'belief revision'; 'discourse structure'; 'cambridge/olivetti retrieval systems'; 'systems architecture'; 'agent interaction'; 'better NLP systems evaluation'; 'early classification work'; 'text retrieval'; 'explanations in collaborative problem'; 'architectures for autonomous multi-agent communication'; 'unified framework'; 'historical review'; 'heterogeneous systems'; 'british library'; 'text-based retrieval'; 'human computer dialogue';

1985--1989: 'document retrieval'; 'search terms'; 'expert systems'; 'user modelsling'; 'compound nouns'; 'semantic classes'; 'relevance weighting'; 'semantic classification'; 'user models'; 'discourse models'; 'fashionable trends'; 'introductory note'; 'feasible strategies'; 'linguistic theory'; 'architecture problems';

1980--1984: 'search terms'; 'natural language front ends'; 'compound nouns'; 'relevance weighting'; 'intelligent knowledge based systems'; 'database access'; 'data base access'; 'databases with evaluative feedback'; 'specific approach'; 'advanced information technology'; 'UK initiatives'; 'recent results'; 'shifting meaning representations'; 'statistically-based document indexing'; 'motivated descriptive term selection'; 'light history'; 'general semantic analyser';

1975--1979: 'information retrieval'; 'document retrieval'; 'test collections'; 'artificial intelligence'; 'performance yardstick'; 'modern on-line systems';

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