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A Korhonen


(Analysis last run in January 2008)

2005--2007: 'multiword expressions'; 'verb subcategorisation differences'; 'child directed speech'; 'adult speech'; 'novel verb classes'; 'automatic classification'; 'adjectival subcategorisation'; 'information extraction'; 'deep lexical acquisition'; 'biomedical texts'; 'zone analysis'; 'childes database'; 'biology articles'; 'automatic acquisition'; 'large subcategorisation lexicon';

2000--2004: 'subcategorisation acquisition'; 'word sense disambiguation'; 'subcategorisation acquisition task description'; 'evaluation methods'; 'subcategorisation frames'; 'English verbs'; 'semantic classes'; 'polysemic subcategorisation frame distributions'; 'extended lexical-semantic classification'; 'motivated estimates';

1995--1999: 'subcategorisation acquisition'; 'diathesis alternations'; 'automatic extraction'; 'student session'; 'detecting verbal participation'; 'textual corpora';

Related People
  • E J Briscoe [ NLIP ]:
    • 'English verbs'; 'extended lexical-semantic classification'; 'adjectival subcategorisation'; 'automatic acquisition'; 'efficient extraction'; 'evaluation methods'; 'large subcategorisation lexicon'; 'subcategorisation acquisition';
  • Paula Buttery [ NLIP ]:
    • 'adult speech'; 'automatic lexical acquisition'; 'child directed speech'; 'childes database'; 'language acquisition'; 'verb subcategorisation differences';
  • Judita Preiss [ NLIP ]:
    • 'evaluation methods'; 'senseval-2 English'; 'subcategorisation acquisition'; 'word sense disambiguation';
  • Simone Teufel [ NLIP ]:
    • 'automatic classification'; 'evaluation methods'; 'information retrieval';
  • Shahzad Khan [ NLIP ]:
    • 'English documents'; 'semantic web'; 'word sense disambiguation';
  • K Sparck Jones [ NLIP ]:
    • 'revisiting classification'; 'factorial summary evaluation'; 'semantic web';
  • Ann Copestake [ NLIP ]:
    • 'multiword expressions';