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Semantics of HOT Languages

Principal lecturer: Prof Andrew Pitts
Taken by: MPhil ACS

  • Syllabus.
  • Reading material.
    • The first part of the course will be based on

      A. M. Pitts, Operational Semantics and Program Equivalence. In: G. Barthe, P. Dybjer and J. Saraiva (Eds), Applied Semantics. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Tutorial, Volume 2395 (Springer-Verlag, 2002), pages 378-412. [pdf © 2002 Springer-Verlag]

    • The second part of the course follows sections 1-3 of

      A. M. Pitts, Relational Properties of Domains, Information and Computation 127(1996) 66--90. [pdf]

      See also section 5 of

      S. Abramsky and A. Jung, Domain Theory In: Handbook of Logic in Computer Science, Vol. III, Clarendon Press, 1994, pages 1-168. [pdf]

  • Slides
  • Exam briefing and exercises (pdf).
  • References.
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