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Principal lecturer: Dr David Eyers
Taken by: Part IB
Past exam questions

Assessed exercise

The Prolog tick is available. Please check these pages occasionally as you work through the tick, in case updates to the document need to be published. The latest released version has the (unnecessarily precise) time-stamp 2010-01-08 11:38:11Z, and is self-contained regarding deadline specifications and submission instructions. Please let me know if you notice any errors in the document.

  • 2009-12-05 20:50:40Z to 2010-01-08 11:38:11Z – The only difference is in the assessment dates. All dates for the C/C++ and Prolog tick assessment have been shifted back a week from the originally publicised ones.
  • 2009-11-21 02:26:44Z to 2009-12-05 20:50:40Z – The only modification made was in the typesetting of the PDF. In some cases, when people copy-and-pasted material from the tick document, curly quote characters were inserted into their source files instead of ASCII single quote characters - this confused Prolog and led to mysterious syntax errors.

Supervision exercises

Some recommended supervision exercises are provided at the end of the printed lecture notes booklet.

Lecture notes

The lecture notes for this course are referenced below. If the files below contain content that is different from the printed lecture notes distributed in class, the reason for the differences will be outlined on this page.