Computer Laboratory

Course material 2010–11

Discrete Mathematics I

Principal lecturer: Dr Sam Staton
Taken by: Part IA CST, Part IA NST, Part I PPS
Past exam questions: Discrete Mathematics I, Discrete Mathematics. This was a new course in 2008-9, so the previous Discrete Maths exam questions are mostly not relevant. Please see the 2009 and 2010 exam questions, and the exercises in the notes.

Course notes: in colour (pdf) or monochrome (pdf).

Summary of the rules of structured proof: pdf. (Warning: this will not be distributed in the exam.)

Correction to the course notes:

  • On slide 123, lines 3 and 4, the y's should be x's.
  • I didn't lecture page 39. But if you do want to study it, look at this corrected version: page39.pdf.

Exercises: pdf.

Software: Here is some software for you to practice building structured proofs. Let me know how you get on. (Warning: this is just for fun — you can't use a computer in the exam.)

  • Jape, as demonstrated in the lectures. Use the theory jape-examples/natural_deduction/I2L.jt.
  • Pandora. Warning: Pandora gives you some extra rules which we do not consider as basic rules for structured proof (e.g. EM).