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Course material 2010–11

Further Java

Alastair BeresfordAndrew Rice

Principal lecturers: Dr Alastair Beresford, Dr Andrew Rice
Taken by: Part IB
Past exam questions (see the note below for information on additional relevant questions)
Tick sheet

Practical classes

Students are expected to attend one practical session per week. The dates and times of the practical sessions associated with this course are as follows:

Monday 1st November2pm — 4pmA & B
4pm — 6pmC & D
Monday 8th November2pm — 4pmA & B
4pm — 6pmC & D
Monday 15th November2pm — 4pmA & B
4pm — 6pmC & D
Monday 22nd November2pm — 4pmA & B
4pm — 6pmC & D
Monday 29th November2pm — 4pmA & B
4pm — 6pmC & D

Details of the seat and session allocation can be found at the bottom of this page.


The workbook for each practical class will appear here just prior to the start of the practical session. The content of the workbooks will differ from last year.

Workbook errata

The printed workbooks contain (at the very least!) the following errors. Errors are indexed by workbook (W), page (P) and line (L), which may be negative, indicating that the reader should count upwards from the bottom of the page. These errors have been corrected in the on-line versions of the workbooks shown above. If you find any further errors, please email ticks1b-admin[at]

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Additional past exam questions

Questions from the old Concurrent Systems & Applications course are often relevant, although some knowledge of what is now Concurrent & Distributed Systems I and Concurrent & Distributed Systems II may required to answer parts of these questions.

This year, questions for the Further Java course will not rely on detailed knowledge of the Concurrent and Distributed Systems. With this caveat, suitable questions from the Concurrent Systems and Applications course include: 2002P5Q4, 2003P5Q4, 2004P4Q8, 2005P5Q4, 2006P5Q4, 2009P5Q6.

Ticklet 0 Leaderboard

For this exercise the top ten implementations which have been tested by the deadline are awarded a star. We've seen timing variations between repeated tests of the same submission, so stars are also given to solutions which are within 3 seconds of the 10th ranked implementation.

This year the deadline for submission of Ticklet 0 was 5pm on Monday 11th October. This year stars are awarded to the following students: xl296 (8.7 secs), mp555 (14.5 secs), nst25 (15.0 secs), ns476 (15.8 secs), rj300 (16.1 secs), sc643 (16.2 secs), prw35 (17.1 secs), mz297 (17.1 secs), ht290 (17.3 secs), ezy20 (17.8 secs) and sjb273 (18.0 secs).

The current leaderboard, which includes submissions after the deadline, is as follows:

Session assignments

Aboobakar, Muhammad-Furqanmfa33BPCCL048
Ahmed, Mansourma489CPCCL044
Akra, Ahmadaa582APCCL010
Arulkumaran, Kailashka349CPCCL045
Ashton, Edwardeda22APCCL001
Beaumont, Simonsjb273CPCCL031
Bergman, Abigailab831APCCL002
Bian, Stephaniesmb90DPCCL060
Burksaitis, Adasab856CPCCL032
Bytheway, Thomastb403BPCCL024
Caller, Benjaminbsc25CPCCL036
Chau, Kwokkcic2DPCCL065
Chen, Daidc485DPCCL063
Cheung, Honhcsc3DPCCL055
Chowdhury, Mubdiumrc64BPCCL049
Conway, Maxwellmjc233DPCCL061
Cowan, Peterpc410CPCCL037
Crooks, N.S.Cnscc2CPCCL040
Cross, Stephensc643APCCL011
Danka, Miklosmad51APCCL012
Elsby, Christophercjre3BPCCL030
Goodenough, Markmg545CPCCL038
Hall, Rachaelrmh63DPCCL056
Hillary, Elliottejh67BPCCL028
Hobson Sayers, Aidanaph40BPCCL025
Irish, Henryhci20DPCCL069
Jones, Rickyrj300CPCCL039
Keen, Williamwk251APCCL017
Kenyon, Williamwk249BPCCL021
Killough, Michaelmjk56DPCCL064
Kulkarni, Nidhink380CPCCL046
Lawrence-Jones, Jackjl584APCCL019
Lepper, Angusajl78BPCCL051
Lica, Adelaasl39CPCCL047
Light-Hilary, Noelnjbl2APCCL013
Lim, Kennethkl365BPCCL052
Liotsiou, Dimitradl408CPCCL041
Lockett, Jamesjl587CPCCL033
Long, Xiangxl296BPCCL022
Lonsdale, Timothytbl22APCCL008
Lucas, Sarahsel47DPCCL067
Mannan, Farhanfam40BPCCL020
Mao, JiaXuanjxm20CPCCL050
Marsh, Wesleywm247APCCL014
Mehandzhiyski, Yordanym281DPCCL070
Morland, Williamwmm23BPCCL053
Narula, Hermanhn248BPCCL029
Pace, Elliottetp20BPCCL026
Peskett, Matthewmp555BPCCL054
Robertson, Frankiefr272APCCL066
Roffey, Josephjr480APCCL004
Sarkar, Advaitas2006BPCCL023
Seaton, Josephjs845APCCL003
Shah, Jayjs832CPCCL042
Shaikh, Aameras2007APCCL018
Shaw, Benbs426CPCCL043
Silaghi, Dands539CPCCL034
Skehin, Nicholasns476DPCCL057
Soloviev, Matveyms900CPCCL035
Stannard, Oliveros289APCCL015
Tang, Hanyinght290APCCL016
Tchokni, Simoset40APCCL005
Tian, Bobt288DPCCL068
Tomlinson, Nicholasnst25DPCCL058
Whitehead, Robertrw401DPCCL059
Withnall, Philipprw35APCCL006
Wood, Errolleww23APCCL007
Yang, Edwardezy20BPCCL027
Yeeles, Philippmy22DPCCL062
Zabarauskas, Manfredasmz297DPCCL071