Computer Laboratory

Course material 2010–11

Concurrent and Distributed Systems II

Principal lecturer: Dr David Evans
Taken by: Part IB
Past exam questions: Concurrent and Distributed Systems, Distributed Systems

Here are PDFs of the course notes. The version sent for printing has issues with arrows and some diagrams, so here is where to go for pages that are nonsensical. The printed notes will be available in the lecture on March 2nd, or you can send me email if you are keen to get them earlier.

Pieces of "Operating Systems, Concurrent and Distributed Software Design" by Jean Bacon and Tim Harris, Addison Wesley 2003, are relevant to this course:

  • ch7 Fundamentals of distributed systems
  • ch16 Distributed IPC
  • ch22 Distributed transactions
  • ch23 Distributed algorithms
  • ch28 The World-Wide Web
  • ch29 Middleware

Each chapter has exercises. There is a web-browsable Instructor's Guide, available here. Please don't spread it around.

At SOSP17, Dec 99, Jerome Saltzer of MIT gave a keynote address which included some spectacular failures of large-scale system design. Here is the pdf: Saltzerthumbnails.pdf.

At Middleware 2009, Dr Ludmilla (Lucy) Cherkasova, of HP Research Labs, Palo Alto, gave a keynote address to the Doctoral Symposium. Here is the talk in pdf.

At Middleware 2009, Professor Hector Garcia-Molina, of Stanford, gave a keynote address , referred to in the lecture on naming.

At Middleware 2009, Steve Vinoski, of Verivue, formerly Iona, gave a keynote address, referred to in the lecture on middleware.