Computer Laboratory

Course material 2010–11

Advanced Graphics

Principal lecturer: Prof Neil Dodgson
Additional lecturer: Dr Alex Benton
Taken by: Part II
Past exam questions: Advanced Graphics, Advanced Graphics and HCI
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PDF of entire lecture handout (1.2MB)
The handout is also available in large size in four parts:
PDF of Prof. Dodgson's lecture notes in large size (430kB)
PDF of Prof. Dodgson's slides (one slide per page) (1MB)
PDF of extract from Rogers and Adams (4MB)

Alex Benton's material

Useful web sites


Graphics hardware


Ray tracing

Beziers, B-splines and NURBS


  • The website which compliments the book "Subdivision Methods For Geometric Design: A Constructive Approach" by Joe Warren and Henrik Weimer. It has a short tutorial on subdivision and Java applets illustrating both curve and surface subdivision.

Implicits and CSG


  • The colour images from Buss chapter XI are available as a PDF (327kB)