Computer Laboratory

Course material 2010–11

Principles of Communication

Principal lecturer: Prof Jon Crowcroft
Taken by: Part II
Past exam questions
Information for supervisors (contact lecturer for access permission)
powerpoint slides ( PDF 1 up & PDF 6 up)

N.B. PC is only partially similar to 2009's DCII course so past exam questions are only a partial guide. Students and Supervisors should take care. What is condisered examinable is what was presented in lectures, which is noted on the web page with the slides, above. It is expected people are familiar with material from Digital Communications I or its new incarnation as Computer Networks This course is "bottom up", where the Computer Networks course was "top down". In addition, there is useful related material in last year's part II course on Information Theory which has good notes and example problems, and in this year's Digital Signal Processing course, next term.

Note I keep a running log/commentary on where we have got to in the course on my computer lab blog where I also put pointers to corrected slides and other background information.