Computer Laboratory

Course material 2010–11

Compiler Construction

Principal lecturer: Dr Timothy Griffin
Taken by: Part IB
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Here are various items for the 2010/11 version of this course:


Lecture-specific materials

  • Lecture 1
    • Assembler and object files
      Input file : test1.c
      Assembler code (generated with gcc -S test1.c): test1.s
      Object file (generated with gcc -c test1.c): test1.o
      Object file in ASCII (generated with readelf -a -t test1.o > test1.o.elf.txt): test1.o.elf.txt
      Executable (generated with gcc -o test1 test1.c): test1
      Executable in ASCII (generated with readelf -a -t test1 > test1.elf.txt): test1.elf.txt

Supplemental Materials