Computer Laboratory

Course material 2010–11


Principal lecturer: Dr David Eyers
Taken by: Part IB
Past exam questions

Prolog tick information

The tick exercise PDF is available. The current authoritative version of this document carries "10th November 2010" on its first page. Before submitting, please check this web page to ensure that you have the most recent information.

Please do get in contact if anything within it does not make sense to you.

Lecture notes

The lecture notes for this course are referenced below. If the files below contain content that is different from the printed lecture notes distributed in class, the reason for the differences will be outlined on this page.

Supervision exercises

Some recommended supervision exercises are provided at the end of the printed lecture notes booklet.

Corrections to supervision exercises

Thanks to those who have pointed out the following errors in the exercises:

  • For question 4.3.2 part 4, tDOB should be tCollege.
  • For question 4.3.2 part 6, the SQL finds the number of First class marks, not the number of people with a First class mark. The SQL should be more like SELECT COUNT(tName.crsid) FROM tName WHERE 1 IN (SELECT tGrade.grade FROM tGrade WHERE tGrade.crsid=tName.crsid).