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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Category Theory


Course pages 2022–23

Category Theory

Lecture slides

The lectures will be delivered live and recorded, with each recording available shortly after the lecture has finished.

A single pdf of all the slides, unannoted, but with hyperlinks, is here.

Individual pdfs for each lecture:

  • Lecture 1 (8 Oct) Introduction; some history; content of this course. Definition of category. The category of sets and functions. Commutative diagrams. Alternative definitions of category.

Exercise sheets

Solution notes for the excerises will be posted on the course Moodle site.

Examples classes

Please use the Discussion Forum on the Moodle site if you have questions about the course material or the exercise sheets.

The course has two one-hour Exercise/Help sessions:

  • Tuesday 25 Oct 4-5pm
  • Tuesday 15 Nov 4-5pm

Details of the arrangements for these sessions will be on the course Moodle site.

Additional material

See the syllabus for the recommended reading list. The following is the classic text on category theory and is definitely worth looking at if you are feeling mathematically mature:

  • Mac Lane, Saunders. Categories for the Working Mathematician. Graduate Texts in Mathematics 5, second ed. (Springer, 1988), ISBN 0-387-98403-8.

Other material: