Department of Computer Science and Technology

Course pages 2019–20

Foundations of Data Science

Lecture notes

Sections marked * are non-examinable, but they may be helpful background reading if you want to study further in machine learning and data science.

There are also extended notes, incorporating all the material for this course and more. All this extra material is non-examinable, and is provided purely for interest.

Example sheets

These links include both example sheets (intended for supervision) and supplemental questions (intended for revision, unless your supervisor directs you otherwise). All tips and techniques described on the main example sheet are examinable.

Examples classes

Some lectures will be given over to worked examples, of mock exam questions. (The timetable for these lectures will be on Moodle.) These lectures are optional—some students find them helpful, other students find them a waste of time. You should attempt the question yourself in advance of the lecture, and decide whether or not to attend.

Slides from lectures

— on Moodle

Timetable and announcements

— on Moodle

Code snippets

— posted one by one at