Computer Laboratory

Course material 2010–11

Programming for Mobiles

Lecture 3: Sensors

slides PDF
  • A Glimpse at MEMS [html]
  • An introduction to inertial navigation, Oliver J. Woodman [html]
  • 952-1997 IEEE Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Single-Axis Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyros [html]
  • Foucault Pendulum [html]
  • An Overview of MEMS Inertial Sensing Technology [html]
  • Teardown of Nexus One with die images [html]
  • Dependable systems for Sentient Computing, Andrew C. Rice [html] (pages 30-31, pages 54-56)
  • A Taxonomy for Radio Location Fingerprinting, Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard, [html]
  • GPS Overview, [html]
  • GNSS Global Navigation Satellite Systems, ISBN: 978-3-211-73012-6
  • Handbook of modern sensors, Jacob Fraden, ISBN: 978-0-387-00750-2