Computer Laboratory

Course material 2010–11

Programming for Mobiles

Lecture 4: User Interface

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  • Discussion of Apple iPhone 'retina display' [html]
  • Nexus One false colours due to sub-pixel layout [html] and [html]
  • Android 9patch images [html]
  • Android dimensions [html]
  • François Bérard and Yann Laurillau, "Single user multitouch on the DiamondTouch: from 2 x 1D to 2D" [html]
  • Schöning, J., Brandl, P., Daiber, F., Echtler, F., Hilliges, O., Hook, J., Löchtefeld, M., et al. (2008). Multi-Touch Surfaces: A Technical Guide [pdf]
  • Using resistive touch screens for human/machine interface [pdf]
  • Touch Sensors Design Guide - Atmel [pdf]
  • patrick baudisch publications [html] (check out 'My new PC is a mobile phone-techniques and technology for the new smallness')