Peter Robinson

Curriculum vitæ

Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson Professor of Computer Technology
University of Cambridge
Computer Laboratory
15 JJ Thomson Avenue
England CB3 0FD


1971-1974 Read Mathematics as Scholar at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge, with first class honours in all three years. Graduated BA & MA.
1974-1975 Read Part III Mathematics Tripos (one year post-graduate course), attained honours.
1975-1979 Research under Dr Neil Wiseman at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and sponsored by the BBC. Dissertation on Graphic Design with Computers covering aspects of interactive graphics. Graduated PhD.
1984 Amateur radio call sign G3MRX.
1993 Fellow of the British Computer Society, Chartered Engineer.
2002 Member of the Association for Computing Machinery.
2016 Graduated ScD.


1979 Research Assistant at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory working on An environment for interactive systems.
1980-1983 Research Assistant at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory working on Design aids for Ferranti ULAs.
1983-1993 Assistant Director of Research at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.
1983 onwards College Lecturer, Director of Studies and Fellow of Gonville & Caius College.
1988 Sabbatical leave as Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the University of Adelaide.
1991 Visiting lecturer for course on electronic CAD at the University of British Columbia.
1993 Sabbatical leave as Visiting Scientist at Rank Xerox EuroPARC.
1993-2000 University Lecturer at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.
2000-2001 Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.
2001-2005 Personal Readership in Computer Technology at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.
2002 Sabbatical leave as Visiting Scientist at IBM Zurich Laboratory.
2003-2009 Deputy Head of Department at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.
2005 onwards Personal Chair in Computer Technology at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.
2015-2017 Deputy Head of Department at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.


1983 onwards Member of review panels for European Commission, ERC and research councils in UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and Singapore, Council of National Academic Awards, and numerous journals and publishers.
Member of programme committees for numerous international conferences.
1985 onwards Examiner for higher degrees in Cambridge and elsewhere.
1985-1996 Joint Editor of the Software Engineering Journal.
1996 onwards Editorial Board of the Computer Journal.
1996-1999 Feature Editor of the Computer Journal.
1997 Panellist for research review at Siemens Research.
1997-2005 Lecturer at Royal Institution masterclasses for secondary school children and as part of the University's Science Week.
Short listed by the Royal Institution to present a series of Christmas Lectures for young people in 2002.
1998-2000 External examiner at the University of East Anglia.
1999 Joint organiser of the EDSAC 99 meeting celebrating 50 years of computing in Cambridge.
2003 onwards EPSRC College.
2005-2008 Consultant to Toyota Motor Corporation.
2006 Invited exhibitor at Royal Society Summer Science Exhibitions in London and Glasgow.
Exhibited at IIT Mumbai Techfest in 2007.
2007-2010 Alfaisal University Engineering Programme Committee.
2008-2011 Visiting Fellow at Bristol Robotics Laboratory.
2008 BCS Computer Journal Lecturer.
2009 Joint organiser of the Royal Society Discussion Meeting on Computation of emotions in man and machines.
2009 Organiser of Cambridge Philosophical Society Discussion Meeting on Emotions in an age of communication.
2013 Invited lecture, Faraday Institute.
2011 onwards Director of the EDSAC Replica Company and Trustee of the EDSAC Replica Project.
2013-2016 & 2019 onwards ACM Distinguished Speaker.


1972 Gonville & Caius College Michael Latham Prize.
1974 Gonville & Caius College Senior Scholarship.
1984 Computer Journal Wilkes Award.
1985 RSGB Norman Keith Adams Prize.
1996 Cambridge Foundation Pilkington Teaching Prize.
2004 IBM Faculty Award.
2011 Pervasive 2011 best video award.

Selected recent publications

August 2018 The ASC-Inclusion perceptual serious gaming platform for autistic children
IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games.
April 2018 GazeDirector: Fully articulated eye gaze redirection in video
Eurographics, Delft, The Netherlands.
December 2017 Fixed points in a changing world
Spiritualities of Human Enhancement and Artificial Intelligence, Vancouver, Canada.
May 2017 Estimating sheep pain level using facial action unit detection
IEEE Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, Washington, DC.
October 2016 A 3D morphable eye region model for gaze estimation
European Conference on Computer Vision, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
March 2016 OpenFace: an open source facial behavior analysis toolkit
IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, Lake Placid, NY.
September 2015 Empirical analysis of dimensional affect
Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction, Xi'an, China, September 2015.
November 2014 Automatic detection of naturalistic hand-over-face gesture descriptors
International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, Istanbul, Turkey.
(Best student paper award.)
December 2013 Constrained local neural fields for robust facial landmark detection in the wild
International Conference on Computer Vision, Sydney, Australia.
June 2012 3D Constrained local model for rigid and non-rigid facial tracking
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Providence, RI.
June 2011 The emotional computer
International Conference on Pervasive Computing, San Francisco, CA.
(Best video award.)
July 2010 Classification of complex information: inference of co-occurring affective states from their expressions in speech
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 32(7), pp 1284-1297.
April 2009 Territorial coordination and workspace awareness in remote tabletop collaboration
ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computer Systems, Boston, MA.
(Nominated for best paper.)
See for a full list and for some videos.