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Course pages 2023–24

Advanced Graphics and Image Processing

The materials for this course include copies of the slides that will be used in lectures and also more detailed notes on the selected topics. These slides and notes do not constitute a complete transcript of all the lectures and they are not a substitute for text books. They are intended to give a reasonable synopsis of the subjects discussed, but they give neither complete descriptions nor all the background material.

Lecture notes:
  1. Introduction to image processing (slides)
  2. Advanced image processing (slides) (notes)
  3. Reflection models and radiometry (slides)
  4. Global illumination (slides)
  5. Image-based rendering (slides) (notes)
  6. Colour (slides)
  7. HDR and tone-mapping (slides)
  8. Models of early perception (slides)
  9. Assessing image quality (slides)
  10. Virtual and Augmented reality (slides)
  11. Display technologies (slides)

All leture notes as a single PDF: 1 slide per page, 4 slides per page.