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Department of Computer Science and Technology



Course pages 2023–24

LaTeX and Julia

Principal lecturer: Dr Markus Kuhn
Taken by: Part II CST
Term: Michaelmas
Hours: 2
Format: In-person lectures
Moodle, timetable


Introduction to two widely-used languages for typesetting dissertations and scientific publications, for prototyping numerical algorithms and to visualize results.


  • LATEX. Workflow example, syntax, typesetting conventions, non-ASCII characters, document structure, packages, mathematical typesetting, graphics and figures, cross references, build tools.
  • Julia. Tools for technical computing and visualization. The Array type and its operators, 2D/3D plotting, functions and methods, notebooks, packages, vectorized audio demonstration.


Students should be able to avoid the most common LATEX mistakes, to prototype simple image and signal-processing algorithms in Julia, and to visualize the results.

Recommended reading

* Lamport, L. (1994). LATEX – a documentation preparation system user’s guide and reference manual. Addison-Wesley (2nd ed.).
Mittelbach, F., et al. (2004). The LATEX companion. Addison-Wesley (2nd ed.).