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Principal lecturer: Dr David Eyers
Taken by: Part IB
Past exam questions

Prolog tick information

The tick sessions will take place in room FW09. The tick session times that people signed up for is available on the submissions page.

The tick exercise PDF is available. The authoritative version of this document carries "21st April 2009" on its first page. Before submitting, please check this web page to ensure that you have the most recent information.

There is a list available of those who have been recorded as having submitted the Prolog tick.

  • 28th March 2009 to 21st April 2009 version: On page one the sentence "Include the two predicates msorttriples/2 and divide/3 that are reproduced below in your source file." previously incorrectly referred to mergesort/2 instead of msorttriples/2. The code to cut-and-paste has not changed—it is correct in both document versions, as are other references in the document.
  • 20th January 2009 to 28th March 2009 version: Figure 2 should have a directed edge from D to C with weight -3. Older document versions have this edge backwards.
  • Pre-release to 20th January 2009 version: inclusion of submission information and important dates.

Please do get in contact if anything within it does not make sense to you.

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