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Principal lecturer: Dr Pietro Lio
Taken by: Part II


The immense growth of biological information stored in databases has led to a critical need for people who can understand the languages and techniques of Computer Science and Biology. ?Bioinformatics is the combination of biology and computing. DNA sequencing technologies have created massive amounts of information that can only be efficiently analyzed with computers. This course will discuss algorithms for some important computational problems in Molecular Biology that are pertinent to Biotechnology and to the so-called ``Post-genome era''.


Working with DNA and protein sequences:

Algorithms focusing on strings (Lect 1-4)

Algorithms on Trees (Lect 5-7)

Information theory and DNA; Gibbs sampling (Lect 8)

Applications of Hidden Markov models (Lect 9)

Working with microarray data:

Algorithms for Clustering (Lect 10)

Algorithms for Genetic Networks analysis; Introduction to System Biology algorithms (Lect 11-12)

At the end of this course students should:

+ Understand the terminology of Bioinformatics, be aware of most common types of biomolecular data and their format. Be able to interface with biologists and physicians.

+ Understand important algorithms and data analysis techniques and be able to code them.

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